How To Cleanse Fluorite

How To Cleanse Fluorite

Fluorite is a beautiful teal crystal that gives off an energy of stability. It has been a favorite among people who like crystals for a long time.

Because of this, Fluorite needs to be cleansed to keep it in great shape.

Should You Cleanse Fluorite?

Some people think that cleansing helps get rid of any bad energy that the crystal may have picked up, while others do it to clean the stone before they use it to heal.

Fluorite is thought to send out energies of stability and clarity.

Fluorite is thought to bring calm and order to times when things are out of control. The first reason to cleanse Fluorite is that if it hasn't been cleansed in a while, you won't be able to use it to its fullest.

Second, over time, you will be less able to draw energy from your Fluorite. Some also believe that negatives energy builds up over time leading to your Fluorite breaking or even being misplaced.

Lastly, cleansing your Fluorite will help cleanse your own energy, especially if you keep the stone nearby or wear it as jewelry.

Now that you know why it's important to cleanse Fluorite, let's look at the different ways you can do it.

How To Cleanse Fluorite

There are several ways to cleanse your Fluorite, and we'll discuss the most popular methods below:

  • in water
  • with sage or incense
  • in sunlight
  • in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

Running water is one of the most popular methods of cleansing Fluorite crystals.

All you need is a bowl of water and your Fluorite crystal. Hold the crystal under running water for a few minutes. While the crystal is submerged in water, visualize the feelings of clarity flowing freely around you.

Cleansing With Sage Or Incense

Sage, which is known for its cleansing and purifying powers, is a great way to cleanse your Fluorite.

Burn some sage and blow the smoke over the crystal to cleanse it. You could even leave the crystal in the smoke for a few more minutes if you want to cleanse it even better.

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Incense is another great way to cleanse Fluorite. Start by lighting the end of an incense stick on fire and waiting until the flame goes out and only smoke is left. Then, hold your crystal in the smoke for a few minutes to cleanse it completely. Make sure to open the windows before using incense to let the bad energy leave.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Sunlight is one of Earth's natural cleansers. To use sunlight to cleanse your Fluorite, just put it outside in the sun for a few hours. Be careful not to leave your stone in the sun for too long, though, or the color may fade. When you're done, you can bring it back in and start enjoying your stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

One of the most popular and powerful ways to cleanse crystals is with moonlight. Leave your Fluorite outside or near a window overnight so it can soak up the moon's cleansing energies. Let the moon wash away any impurities and give your crystal a sense of stability.

Cleansing Fluorite Jewelry

The methods we've talked about so far are good for cleansing raw stones, but cleansing Fluorite jewelry requires a more delicate touch.

How To Cleanse A Fluorite Bracelet

First, we don't recommend cleaning Fluorite bracelets with water because the water can eat away at the string that holds your beautiful bracelet together.

Second, we don't recommend burning sage or incense near your bracelet because the smoke could be too strong and hurt the wire as well.

We do, however, suggest a bath in the sun or moon to cleanse Fluorite bracelets.

How To Cleanse A Fluorite Necklace

Cleansing a Fluorite necklace is the same as cleansing a bracelet. Use a sun or moon soak, but a rice bath can also work.

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Make sure not to submerge your necklace in water or burn sage too close to the wiring.


Cleansing your Fluorite crystals and jewelry is an excellent way to keep them open to stable and clear energies.

Now that you know how to cleanse your Fluorite, you can keep them in good shape so they can continue to work their magic in your life.