How To Cleanse Picture Jasper

How To Cleanse Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a beautiful brown stone with a wisdom vibe. It has long been a favorite among crystal aficionados.

As a result, Picture Jasper needs be cleansed on a regular basis to maintain it in good condition.

Should You Cleanse Picture Jasper?

Crystal cleansing is an essential step in the crystal healing process. It aids in the removal of any bad or undesired energy from the crystals and enables you to begin with a clear slate.

Picture Jasper is considered a transmitter of wisdom and intuition energies

Picture Jasper is said to aid the user in connecting with their inner-self. Without a complete cleansing, your Picture Jasper will not function properly. You'll be squandering its great energies and wasting its potential.

Second, your capacity to drain energy from your Picture Jasper will deteriorate with time.

Some also believe that without cleansing, it can lead to negative effects such as: Losing your Picture Jasper stone, and even your Picture Jasper breaking or shattering.

Finally, after your Picture Jasper is cleansed, it may assist to anchor you and link you to the soil, which is always useful if you're feeling scattered or detached.

Now that you know why it's vital to cleanse your Picture Jasper, let's look at different methods for doing so.

How To Cleanse Picture Jasper

There are many methods for cleansing your Picture Jasper, and we will go through the most frequent ones in the next section:

  • in water
  • in salt
  • with sage or incense
  • in sunlight
  • in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

Water is one of the most basic strategies for cleansing your Picture Jasper. Simply place the crystal under running water for 15 to 30 seconds and imagine the intuitive energies pouring back into the stone.

Cleansing With Salt

Salt is another option to cleanse your Picture Jasper crystal. Mix equal parts salt and warm water until the salt is almost dissolved. Soak your crystal in salt water for a few minutes before wiping it dry. This will assist in releasing the stone's energy potential.

Cleansing With Sage Or Incense

Simply hold your Picture Jasper in one hand and blow the smoke from sage over it with your other hand to cleanse it with sage.

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While doing so, concentrate your efforts on cleansing the stone of whatever bad energy it may have. This will aid in the discharge of unneeded energy.

You might also use incense to cleanse your Picture Jasper. Begin by igniting the tip of your incense stick until it smolders. Then, for a few seconds, blow the smoke over your crystal to cleanse it of any bad energy. It's critical to have excellent ventilation when doing this, so open a window to allow the bad energy out and fresh air in.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Sunlight is one of Earth's natural cleansers. To cleanse your Picture Jasper with sunlight, simply place your crystal out in the sunlight for a few hours. Be sure not to leave your stone in the sun for too long however as it may cause fading in your stone's color. Once you're done, you can bring it back in and start enjoying your stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

Moonlight is equally effective at cleansing crystals. Simply lay your Picture Jasper outdoors or on a windowsill during the night or early morning hours when the Moon is most visible to cleanse it with moonlight. The moonlight will wash away the stone's impurities and bring back it's energy of wisdom.

Cleansing Picture Jasper Jewelry

It is advisable to utilize softer ways while cleansing Picture Jasper crystal jewelry.

Cleansing up your Image Jasper jewelry is simple and fun - here's what we recommend:

How To Cleanse A Picture Jasper Bracelet

We do not recommend burning sage or incense near your bracelet since the smoke might be too powerful and harm the wire.

Furthermore, if your Picture Jasper bracelet becomes damp, the wire may corrode and collapse.

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We suggest cleansing your Picture Jasper bracelets gently with either sunshine or moonlight. Simply leave your bracelet in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

How To Cleanse A Picture Jasper Necklace

We suggest cleansing a Picture Jasper necklace in the same way that we cleanse bracelets. Sunlight, moonlight, and even a salt bath (without water) are all wonderful options.

Just be cautious not to get the necklace wet, since this might cause the wire to corrode. If you must use water, just submerge it for 15-30 seconds in running water.


Cleansing your Picture Jasper crystals and jewelry are an excellent method to keep people open to wisdom and intuition energies.

You can maintain your Picture Jasper in good condition now that you know how to cleanse it, so it may continue to perform its magic in your life!