How To Cleanse Snow Quartz

How To Cleanse Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz is a stunning white crystal that has a calming vibe. It has long been cherished by those intrigued by crystals.

However, it's important to cleanse your Snow Quartz to unleash its full potential.

Should You Cleanse Snow Quartz?

Cleansing crystals is an integral part of the crystal healing journey. It helps to remove any negative or unwanted energies from the crystals and allows you to start with a clean slate.

As for Snow Quartz, it's a potent transmitter of energy, especially when it comes to balance and calm.

Snow Quartz is believed to promote tranquil energies and clarity in those who keep it near. So the first reason you should cleanse Snow Quartz is that won't be tapping into its full potential if your stone hasn't been cleansed in a while.

Secondly, your ability to draw in energies from your Snow Quartz will diminish over time.

Some also believe that without cleansing, it can lead to negative effects such as: Losing your Snow Quartz stone, and even your Snow Quartz breaking or shattering.

Last but not least, if you keep a piece of Snow Quartz near you or wear it as jewelry, cleansing it can help clear your own energy as well.

Now that you understand why cleansing Snow Quartz is vital, let's have a look at the various methods you can use.

How To Cleanse Snow Quartz

There are many ways to cleanse your Snow Quartz. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • in water
  • in salt
  • with sage or incense
  • in sunlight
  • in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

One of the most popular ways to clean Snow Quartz crystals is with running water.

A bowl of water and your Snow Quartz crystal are all you need. For a few minutes, place the crystal under flowing water. Visualize feelings of tranquility flowing freely about you when the crystal is submerged in water.

Cleansing With Salt

To cleanse your Snow Quartz with salt, simply add some salt to a bowl of warm water and stir until the salt has dissolved. Then, add your Snow Quartz and let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes. Make sure to rinse off the crystal thoroughly when you're done.

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Cleansing With Sage Or Incense

Simply hold your Snow Quartz in one hand and waft the smoke from sage over it with your other hand to cleanse it with sage.

While doing so, concentrate your efforts on cleansing the stone of whatever negative energy it may have. This will aid in the release of unneeded energy.

You might also use incense to cleanse your Snow Quartz. Begin by lighting the tip of your incense stick until it smolders. Then, for a few moments, blow the smoke over your crystal to cleanse it of any negative energy. It's critical to have good ventilation when doing this, so open a window to let the negative energy out and fresh air in.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Most stones, including Snow Quartz, benefit greatly from sunshine cleansing. Place your stone in direct sunshine for a few hours to cleanse it. Make sure you don't keep it out for too long, however, because it may fade your stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

Another popular and effective technique is moonlight cleansing. Leave your Snow Quartz outside or near a windowsill overnight. Allow the moon to cleanse your crystal and restore its balancing energy.

Cleansing Snow Quartz Jewelry

The methods previously discussed are useful for cleansing raw stones, but cleansing your Snow Quartz jewelry requires a more delicate touch.

How To Cleanse A Snow Quartz Bracelet

We recommend avoiding sage and incense because the smoke can cause the bracelet wire to deteriorate.

The same is true for water. Soaking your bracelet in water is never a good idea since it can cause the wire to rust and weaken.

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If you want to cleanse your Snow Quartz bracelet gently, we recommend utilizing sunshine or moonlight. Simply leave your bracelet in direct sunshine or moonlight for a few hours to allow the purifying energies to perform their magic.

How To Cleanse A Snow Quartz Necklace

For cleansing a Snow Quartz necklace, use the same directions as cleansing a bracelet. Go with a sun or moon soak, but even salt or rice baths can work.

Make sure to stay away from submerging your necklace in water or burning sage smoke too close to the necklace wiring.


Now that you know how and why to cleanse your Snow Quartz, it's time to get started. Pick your favorite method and get cleansing.

Soon enough, your Snow Quartz will be attracting more balance and calm into your life than ever before!