How To Cleanse Sunstone

How To Cleanse Sunstone

Sunstone is a beautiful orange crystal that emanates a lucky vibe. It has long been a favorite among crystal enthusiasts.

To fully utilize your Sunstone, it must be cleansed.

Should You Cleanse Sunstone?

Crystal cleansing is an essential aspect of the crystal healing process. It aids in the removal of any bad or undesired energy from the crystals, allowing you to begin with a fresh slate. Excess negative energies can cause your sunstone to break, which signals something different than losing your sunstone.

Sunstone has been used for centuries as a lucky charm and energy amplifier.

Sunstone is believed to heighten intuition and radiate positive energy. So In order to get the most out of your Sunstone, you should cleanse the stone once it comes into your possession. This will help you unlock the crystal's full potential.

Second, your ability to pull energies from your Sunstone will diminish with time.

Finally, cleansing your Sunstone will aid in the cleansing of your own energy, particularly if you keep the stone nearby or wear it as jewelry.

It's clear that cleansing your Sunstone is important. Now, let's discuss ways to actually do it.

How To Cleanse Sunstone

There are a few different approaches to cleansing your Sunstone, and we will go through the most common ones in the following section:

  • in water
  • in salt
  • with sage or incense
  • in sunlight
  • in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

Running water is one of the most popular ways to clean your Sunstone.

A bowl of water and your Sunstone crystal are all you need. Simply place the crystal under flowing water for a few minutes and picture radiant energy returning to the crystal.

Cleansing With Salt

Mix equal parts of salt and warm water in a bowl. Then place your Sunstone in the bowl and allow it to soak for as long as you need. Typically, 5 to 15 minutes is more than enough.

Afterward, remove your Sunstone and make sure to rinse it off with clean water.

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Cleansing With Sage Or Incense

To cleanse your Sunstone with sage, simply hold it in one hand and blow sage smoke over it with the other.

While doing so, concentrate your efforts on cleansing the stone of whatever negative energy it may have. This will aid in the release of unneeded energy.

You might also use incense to cleanse your Sunstone. Begin by lighting the tip of your incense stick until it smolders. Then, for a few moments, blow the smoke over your crystal to cleanse it of any negative energy. It's critical to have good ventilation when doing this, so open a window to let the negative energy out and fresh air in.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Sunlight is one of Earth's natural cleansers. To cleanse your Sunstone with sunlight, simply place your crystal out in the sunlight for a few hours. Be sure not to leave your stone in the sun for too long however as it may cause fading in your stone's color. Once you're done, you can bring it back in and start enjoying your stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

Moonlight is equally effective at cleansing crystals. Simply lay your Sunstone outside or on a windowsill during the night or early morning hours when the Moon is most visible to cleanse it with moonlight. The moonlight will cleanse the stone of impurities and restore its auspicious energy.

Cleansing Sunstone Jewelry

Although you can cleanse your Sunstone jewelry and raw crystals using the same methods, it's preferable to opt for more gentle techniques when it comes to cleansing crystal jewelry.

Here are the best ways to handle cleansing your Sunstone bracelets and necklaces.

How To Cleanse An Sunstone Bracelet

To begin, we recommend avoiding a water cleanse for Sunstone bracelets because the water can erode the string that holds your gorgeous bracelet together.

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Second, we do not recommend burning sage or incense near your bracelet because the smoke may be too strong and damage the wire.

We do, however, recommend a sun or moon bath to clean Sunstone bracelets.

How To Cleanse An Sunstone Necklace

Cleansing a Sunstone necklace is quite similar to cleansing a Sunstone bracelet.

Avoid getting the necklace wet and keep it away from sage or incense smoke. Instead, opt for sunshine or moonlight cleanses to get the job done. You can also place your necklace in a waterless salt bath or a rice bath.


Cleaning your Sunstone crystals and jewelry will assist in keeping their luck and energy flowing. Use your favorite ways from this article to bring out the best in your crystal!