How To Cleanse Tiger's Eye

How To Cleanse Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a well-known confidence stone. This beautiful brown crystal is also said to have a powerful healing energy.

To get the most out of your Tiger's Eye, you must know how and when to cleanse it.

Should You Cleanse Tiger's Eye?

Crystal cleansing is an essential step in the crystal healing process. It aids in the removal of any bad or undesired energy from the crystals, allowing you to begin with a clear slate.

Tiger's Eye is one of the most potent energy transmitters, especially when it comes to confidence and motivation.

Tiger's Eye is believed to help manifest the courage to take action in the face of adversity. So the first reason you should cleanse Tiger's Eye is that won't be tapping into its full potential if your stone hasn't been cleansed in a while.

Second, as time passes, your Tiger's Eye will become less receptive to positive energies.

Some also believe that without cleansing, it can lead to negative effects such as: Losing your Tiger's Eye stone, and even your Tiger's Eye breaking or shattering.

Finally, cleansing your Tiger's Eye can assist to ground you and link you to the earth, which is always helpful if you're feeling scattered or disconnected.

Now that you understand why cleansing Tiger's Eye is vital, let's have a look at the various methods you can use.

How To Cleanse Tiger's Eye

There are several ways to cleanse your Tiger's Eye, and we'll discuss the most popular methods below:

  1. in water
  2. in salt
  3. with sage or incense
  4. in sunlight
  5. in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

Water is one of the most basic ways to clean your Tiger's Eye. Simply hold the crystal under running water for 15 to 30 seconds and imagine motivational forces flowing back into the stone.

Cleansing With Salt

Mix equal parts of salt and warm water in a bowl. Then place your Tiger's Eye in the bowl and allow it to soak for as long as you need. Typically, 5 to 15 minutes is more than enough.

Afterward, remove your Tiger's Eye and make sure to rinse it off with clean water.

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Cleansing With Sage Or Incense

To cleanse your Tiger's Eye with sage, simply hold your Tiger's Eye in one hand and waft the smoke from sage over it with your other hand.

As you do this, focus your intentions on cleansing the stone of any negative energy it may be holding. This will help release unwanted energy.

You could also cleanse your Tiger's Eye with incense. Start by lighting your incense stick at the tip until it smolders. Then waft the smoke over your crystal for a few moments to cleanse it of any negative energy. It's important to have good ventilation while you're doing this so open up a window to let the negative energy flow out and fresh air to flow in.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Sunlight cleaning is a preferred method for most stones. Simply place your Tiger's Eye in direct sunlight for a few hours to cleanse it. Make careful you don't keep it out for too long as it can fade your gorgeous stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

When it comes to cleansing crystals, moonlight is equally as effective. Simply position your Tiger's Eye outside or on a windowsill during the night or early morning hours when the Moon is most visible. The moonlight will cleanse the stone of contaminants and restore its confident vitality.

Cleansing Tiger's Eye Jewelry

The methods previously discussed are useful for cleansing raw stones, but cleansing your Tiger's Eye jewelry requires a more delicate touch.

How To Cleanse A Tiger's Eye Bracelet

We don't advocate burning sage or incense near your bracelet since the smoke could be too strong and damage the wire.

Also, if you get your Tiger's Eye bracelet wet, the wire can rust and disintegrate.

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We recommend gently cleaning your Tiger's Eye bracelets with either sunlight or moonlight. Simply leave your bracelet in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

How To Cleanse A Tiger's Eye Necklace

For cleansing a Tiger's Eye necklace, use the same directions as cleansing a bracelet. Go with a sun or moon soak, but even salt or rice baths can work.

Make sure to stay away from submerging your necklace in water or burning sage smoke too close to the necklace wiring.


Cleansing your Tiger's Eye crystals and jewelry will help keep their energies of confidence and motivation flowing. Use your favorite methods discussed in this article to unlock your crystal's full potential!