How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite

How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite is a beautiful yellow crystal that emits confidence. It has long been a favorite among crystal enthusiasts.

To maximize your Yellow Calcite's benefits, you must know when and how to cleanse it.

Should You Cleanse Yellow Calcite?

Regular cleansing of your crystals can assist in removing any negative energy or blockages that may prevent your stone from functioning to its fullest potential. Excess negative energies can cause your Yellow Calcite to break, which signals something different than losing your Yellow Calcite. 

Yellow Calcite is known to emit powerful energy and is specifically valued for its confidence and creativity properties.

Yellow Calcite is said to attract creative and abundant energy. Without a thorough cleansing, your Yellow Calcite will not function to its maximum potential. You will leave its potent powers untapped and waste its potential.

Secondly, your ability to draw in energies from your Yellow Calcite will diminish over time.

Lastly, cleansing your Yellow Calcite will help cleanse and purify your own energy fields, especially if you frequently use or wear it.

Now that you understand why cleansing Yellow Calcite is vital, let's have a look at the various methods you can use.

How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite

We will go over the most popular methods of cleansing your Yellow Calcite in the section that follows. There are a few different ways to do this:

  • in water
  • with sage or incense
  • in sunlight
  • in moonlight

Cleansing With Water

One of the most widely used techniques for cleansing Yellow Calcite crystals is running water.

You only need your Yellow Calcite stone and a bowl of water. For a few minutes, hold the crystal under flowing water. Imagine the feelings of creativity engulfing you while the crystal is submerged in water.

Cleansing With Sage or Incense

Sage, which is known for its cleaning and purifying properties, is an excellent choice for cleansing your Yellow Calcite.

To cleanse the crystal, simply burn some sage and waft the smoke over it. You can even leave your crystal in the smoke for a few minutes longer for a more thorough cleansing.

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Incense is another excellent way to cleanse your Yellow Calcite. To begin, light the end of an incense stick and wait for the fire to burn out, leaving only the smoke. Then, for a full cleansing, hold your crystal in the smoke for a few minutes. Before cleansing with incense, open your windows to allow the negative energy to escape.

Cleansing With Sunlight

Most stones, including Yellow Calcite, benefit greatly from sunshine cleansing. Place your stone in direct sunshine for a few hours to cleanse it. Make sure you don't keep it out for too long, however, because it may fade your stone.

Cleansing With Moonlight

Another popular and effective method is moonlight cleansing. Overnight, leave your Yellow Calcite outside or near a windowsill. Allow the moon to cleanse your crystal and restore its confidence-inspiring energy.

Cleansing Yellow Calcite Jewelry

When it comes to cleansing Yellow Calcite crystal jewelry, it's best to use gentler techniques.

Cleansing your Yellow Calcite jewelry is simple and fun - here's what we recommend:

How To Cleanse An Yellow Calcite Bracelet

To begin, we recommend avoiding a water cleanse for Yellow Calcite bracelets because the water can erode the string that holds your lovely bracelet together.

Second, we do not recommend burning sage or incense near your bracelet because the smoke could be too strong and damage the wire.

A sun or moon bath, on the other hand, is recommended for cleansing Yellow Calcite bracelets.

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How To Cleanse An Yellow Calcite Necklace

Cleansing a Yellow Calcite necklace is quite similar to cleansing a Yellow Calcite bracelet.

Avoid getting the necklace wet and keep it away from sage or incense smoke. Instead, opt for sunshine or moonlight cleanses for your necklace.


Cleansing your Yellow Calcite crystals and jewelry is an excellent method to keep them open to energies of confidence and creativity.

Now that you know how to cleanse Yellow Calcite, you can keep it in excellent condition so it can continue to work its magic in your life!