Raw sodalite crystal.

Sodalite: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Sodalite is neither a popular soft drink nor is it a diet product. Sodalite is a beautiful crystal that looks more like a Pop Rock you might drop into soda for a volcanic eruption at the science fair. While that sounds like a good time, sodalite is far more unique, powerful, and intriguing than a child’s volcano (although, we love those — don’t stop making them.)

The striations in a sodalite crystal harbor intensely positive energy that can change your life and make an instant contribution to your daily practice. A close cousin of hauyne, nosean, lazurite, and tugtupite, never discount this gorgeous gemstone.

What is Sodalite?

First discovered in 1811 in Greenland, the stone took 80 years to reach its full potential as a coveted and valuable ornamental stone. While it is not as valuable or precious as something like a ruby, emerald, or sapphire, you cannot deny its beauty. 

When you look closely at sodalite crystals, you can see deposits of Na+ running throughout. Those striations make the crystal unique, giving a quality similar to opal. As these striations dart throughout the crystal, they harbor chloride, sulfates, sulfides, hydroxides, or trisulfur. These variations in mineral content tend to change the color of each crystal — however, the crystal is typically ocean blue with a soft white background. 

Sodalite also contains flecks of pyrite, giving it the golden flickers you would expect from a 49er’s discovery in the Central California Valley.

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Person holding two tumbled sodalite crystals.

Why Should You Buy Sodalite Crystals?

Sodalite crystals awaken in you a survival instinct as ancient as humankind. You’re not feeling fear — you’re learning to look out for yourself in a healthy way. The stone, then, helps you make decisions with your head and your heart, guiding you through the most challenging times in life.

Plus, it encourages you to be your most authentic self, even in the face of criticism or slander.

Sodalite crystals can awaken your creativity. The waves washing on the beach are evident in some stones, and others remind you of the complex nature of our universe. As you look closer, the stone invites you to investigate not only its origins, but your place in the world. 

How to Use Sodalite

Even though the stone excites your survival instincts, it is a crystal that wants you to thrive. Asking you, “if you get through this, imagine all the things you can do.” As a result, you might also want a sodalite stone in your pocket as you conduct business, in your gym bag as you work hard to get healthy, or even as you head out for a night with friends. 

Collection of tumbled sodalite stones laid out vertically.

The Benefits of Using Sodalite Crystals

Sodalite offers several benefits that are well worth your investment. Sodalite crystals make contact with your throat chakra, helping you with both your communication and ability to hear your inner voice. Additionally, the throat chakra is closely related to your self-esteem. If you feel you can speak up, you are naturally more confident. Moreover, you will not second guess yourself as much because you believe in your instincts.

Emotionally, sodalite is a stone of logic, truth, and inner peace. Sodalite can help clear your mind, see the positive in everything, and understand situations for what they are. Someone who is immersed in the power of sodalite crystals is not so easily fooled.

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Some practitioners even call this “The Poet’s Stone” as it allows you to both see the intricacies of life while also enjoying its radiant beauty. Paired with lapis lazuli, your muse will crescendo into an outburst of creativity.

If you feel like the world is too much, too active, or too unstable, wear the sodalite around your neck and close to your heart. Think of the stone as a pacemaker for your soul. Sodalite can tap into your third eye and heart chakra, allowing you to connect with both platonic and romantic love in the world. It also connects to the earth, helping you feel grounded even in times of trouble.

Since Sodalite is a powerful energy transmitter, it's also advised to cleanse your Sodalite stones regularly.

Lastly, this stone is a pillar of wisdom. Many believe it touches the pituitary gland, a place which harbors spiritual perception. That perception can help you avoid poor decisions, and it allows you to test everything new entering your life. 

Perfect for the Sagittarius as their birthstone, it vibrates at a frequency that heals you in any situation.

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Where Can You Find Sodalite?

Sodalite crystals were first discovered in Greenland in the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex in 1811. In 1891, a massive deposit was discovered in Ontario, leading to a run on the stones that continues to this day. 

Other deposits have been found in:

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  • Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
  • Litchfield, Maine
  • Magnet Cove, Arkansas
  • Ice River Complex, Golden, British Columbia

Other locations include smaller discoveries spread around the world from Brazil and Bolivia to Portugal, Romania, Burma, and Russia.

The rare Euhedral crystals, completely transparent in appearance, are found in Namibia and the ashes of Vesuvius.

A Few Final Thoughts on Sodalite and Mindfulness

Sodalite is not to be overlooked. Don’t discount the stone simply because of the name. The cubic complexity of sodalite helps practitioners around the world draw out wisdom, healing, and your inner voice seeking freedom of expression. 

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