using rose quartz to attract love

Using Rose Quartz To Attract Love

Over thousands of years, humans have taken advantage of the vibrational properties provided by crystals such as Rose Quartz. As a matter of fact, using Rose Quartz to attract love is nothing new.

Its use has been around for many ages, including in rituals, meditation, and the creation of meaningful jewelry.

The following is a guide that discusses how you can start using Rose Quartz to attract love into your life.

Can Rose Quartz Attract Love?

The use of Rose Quartz to entice a lover has been traced back to the lives of the ancient Assyrians. Historically, the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Greeks used Rose Quartz to identify their property, use it in healing potions, and manifest love instead of other negative emotions.

Rose Quartz was often fashioned into magical amulets or talismans that the ancient people believed would influence others. The rose quartz has been used to avoid wars and distract nations. Furthermore, beauty was also a high priority in ancient times. So, some believed that Rose Quartz could slow down the aging process, and so ancient people would rub their faces with it and bath with Rose Quartz.

Today, many people use these pretty pink stones to increase their love for themselves, to increase love within amongst their family members, and of course, to attract a mate.

Some have been known to wear rose quartz to attract positive business transactions. There are many goddesses and gods associated with the love and potent power of the Rose Quartz as well. These deities of love include Frigga, Parvati, Aphrodite, Hathor, Cupid, Adonis, Juno, and Eros.

How To Use Rose Quartz To Attract Love?

Today, the rose quartz continues to be a favorite crystal for its soft, comforting, and powerful symbolism for love. As a result, many want to know how to use rose quartz to attract a mate, increase the love of a relationship, or increase their self-love. Here are four ways to take advantage of the powerful vibes that Rose Quartz can provide:

1. Rose Quartz is great for increasing self-love. It can help reestablish self-esteem in a soothing and gentle way. Place Rose Quartz around the entre-way of your bedroom to create a calming environment that invites you to consider your self-worth.

2. Gather pieces of Rose Quartz and place them by your nightstand. These pieces can represent you and your romantic relationship with others. Touch these pieces of Rose Quartz every day and intentionally consider what your love life will be like. Love can come in different ways, so be sure to be open-minded.

3. Do you have a new business relationship that you want to go smoothly? Hold your Rose Quartz in the hand you use the most often, and then speak your intentions. Then place the Rose Quartz under your pillow and wear it the next day to your business meeting.

4. Taking a ritual bath is another way that you can include your intentions of love for any reason. Run your bath water, and place your Rose Quartz crystals in the water along with some rose petals and other herbs that can help set your intentions. Next, jump in!

Why Does Rose Quartz Attract Love?

Whether you want to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your spouse or partner or want to attract someone new, Rose Quartz crystals can definitely help.

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But how do they do this exactly? The oldest theory on how crystals like Rose Quartz work is that the ancient gods and goddesses left them for us as a gift. Once they were formed in the Earth’s crust, they helped us discover their power to heal ourselves, improve our relationships, and help us to discover new things.

Secondly, Rose Quartz is known for unblocking and balancing the Heart Chakra. This is the energy center located in the center of your chest. When it’s blocked, we can feel resentment, bitterness, and anger. All of which block our ability to give and receive love freely. Rose Quartz can help to clear these blocks and help us open up to all types of love in our lives.

Lastly, Rose Quartz has a very high vibrational frequency. By using this crystal, we can raise our own vibration to match its frequency. When our vibrations are raised, we become more attuned to love in all forms. We also become more attractive to others because we’re radiating love.

While it might not be the most obviously attractive gemstone, its pretty pink hue and ability to attract love make it a powerful ally in the quest for a more fulfilling love life.


Consider using Rose Quartz if you’re looking for a little help in the love department. This gemstone is known for promoting self-love and paving the way for more fulfilling relationships. It can be used in all sorts of ways – from carrying it with you to placing it in your home or office space or even wearing it as jewelry.

What are you waiting for? Start promoting love in your life today with Rose Quartz!