What Does It Mean When African Turquoise Breaks?

What Does It Mean When African Turquoise Breaks?

Often referred to as the stone of evolution, African Turquoise is a beautiful turquoise crystal. Many African nations, such as Namibia and Morocco, produce African Turquoise, which is highly prized for its vibrant hues.

An African Turquoise stone's significance is linked to its potential to bring about positive transformation - so when your African Turquoise suddenly breaks, it may be distressing.

The question is, what does it mean when African Turquoise breaks?

What Is The Meaning Of African Turquoise Breaking?

When your African Turquoise breaks it can mean many things. In the eyes of some, this indicates that you've used up all of the stone's functional energy and that it may no longer serve to bring about positive transformation. For others, this may indicate that the stone did not resonate with your own personal energy field.

Some believe that the stone's cracking is a sign that it is accomplishing precisely what it was designed to do and is unleashing its most powerful energy.

The reality is - it's upsetting when your African Turquoise breaks for any reason. When you've become attached to a crystal and formed a bond with it, seeing it shattered is never a pleasant experience.

Here's what you need to do immediately if your crystal has broken:

  1. The first step is to remain calm. There's no need to be concerned about your crystal shattered. Breaking your crystal might indicate that it has fulfilled its function, even if you are unaware of this fact at this time.
  2. Accepting that your crystal has shattered will help you to let go of any attachments to it, which will make the process of letting go much easier. Cleanse the remaining African Turquoise pieces if you intend on keeping them.
  3. Be thankful for the knowledge you've gained along the way. Remember that everything occurs for a purpose, no matter how tough it may be to recognize it when your African Turquoise crystal cracks. 

Is It Bad To Break African Turquoise?

When your African Turquoise breaks, trust that everything will work out in the end. When things are feeling uncertain, it's important to believe that everything will work out in your favor. 

Even if it doesn't seem like it, the cosmos is constantly working for our benefit. Remember to be thankful for the lessons you've learned and the knowledge you've acquired.

Does African Turquoise Scratch Or Break Easily?

If you drop your African Turquoise hard enough, chances are it'll break. That's because most crystals are brittle. African Turquoise has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7 and is thus a fairly durable stone. However, if handled roughly, the stone can still lose its lustrousness over time.

To keep your African Turquoise crystals and jewelry safe, it is important to treat them with care. Avoid dropping or handling the stone roughly, as this could cause it to break. When not in use, store your African Turquoise jewelry and crystals in a soft cloth or jewelry box to protect them from damage and exposure to the elements. It's important to keep your African Turquoise away from other stones, especially those with a higher Mohs hardness rating.

Make a conscious effort to see the fracturing of your African Turquoise as an opportunity for personal growth. Your African Turquoise has brought you much good fortune, so thank it now.