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What Does It Mean When Blue Lace Agate Breaks?

The light blue stone known as Blue Lace Agate is often regarded as a crystal of truth. A Greek philosopher found the stone around 300 BCE. It is named for the Achates River in Sicily.

The stone is believed to inspire confidence in communication and self-expression.

If your Blue Lace Agate suddenly breaks, it can be devastating. But what does it mean?

What Does Blue Lace Agate Breaking Mean?

There can be many metaphysical reasons why your Blue Lace Agate suddenly broke. Some believe that the crystal has used up all of its energy and can no longer help inspire confident communication and self-expression. Others believed that the crystal is giving you one final surge of (its strongest) energy or that the crystal is signifying that it has accomplished its purpose in your life.

No matter why, when one of your favorite crystals breaks, it can be heartbreaking.

Here are some important things to do when your Blue Lace Agate breaks.

Don't worry, first of all. Even though it hurts, it's not the end of the world when a crystal breaks. In fact, it can be seen as a good sign because it means that your Blue Lace Agate has taken in and let go of all the bad energy it had been holding onto.

If your crystal breaks, the second thing you should do is cleanse the pieces. When a crystal breaks, it lets out extra energy, so it's important to make sure it's fully charged or cleansed. Check out our guide on cleansing Blue Lace Agate here.

Third, you should look inside yourself. Has the crystal helped you solve the problems you wanted to solve? Have you gotten any of the benefits of crystals in your life? If you know the answer, you'll know how to feel when a valuable crystal breaks.

Is It Bad To Break Blue Lace Agate?

When a crystal breaks, it's not always a bad thing. It could just mean that you've gotten everything out of your Blue Lace Agate crystal that you can. In other words, the Blue Lace Agate is finished giving. Even though you may not be happy that your crystal broke, you can be happy that it did what it was meant to do. Similarly, the same can also be said when you lose your Blue Lace Agate.

Does Blue Lace Agate Scratch Or Break Easily?

Chances are, if you drop your Blue Lace Agate hard enough, it will break. Blue Lace Agate has a Mohs hardness of between 6.5 and 7, which means it is a pretty strong stone. But if you treat the stone roughly, it can still lose its shine over time.

Be careful with your Blue Lace Agate crystals and jewelry if you want to keep them safe. Don't drop the stone or treat it roughly, because that could cause it to break. Blue Lace Agate jewelry and crystals should be kept in a soft cloth or jewelry box when they are not being worn. This will protect them from damage and the elements. Keep your Blue Lace Agate away from other stones, especially ones that are harder on the Mohs scale.


Don't worry if your Blue Lace Agate breaks. It just means that it's done what it was supposed to do for you. Time to start a new part of your life. Close your eyes and think about the energy you need right now. Then, find the crystal that speaks to you.

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