sodalite breaking meaning

What Does It Mean When Sodalite Breaks?

Sodalite is a beautiful blue crystal that has been called the "stone of inspiration." Historically, artists wore Sodalite jewelry to help fuel their imagination and creativity.

It is thought that by wearing this stone, one's intuition will be bolstered and they will be better able to make sound choices. But if your Sodalite breaks, then what? Let's delve further into the symbolism of Sodalite breaking.

What Is The Meaning Of Sodalite Breaking?

The breaking of a Sodalite may indicate that it has served its purpose of enhancing intuition and guiding its wearer toward appropriate choices.

Scratched or chipped Sodalite is a message that you need to let go of something that isn't helping you grow. This may take the form of pessimistic ways of thinking, destructive relationships, or unhealthy habits.

If your Sodalite has broken for any reason, take heart in the fact that it is a sign of imminent progress. Realize the benefits of new possibilities and learn to let go of the old ones.

Here's what to do if your Sodalite crystal breaks:

  1. Firstly, the things that aren't assisting you should be eliminated. Letting go is a crucial skill. Pessimistic thinking, damaging interactions, or unwanted habits are prime examples.
  2. Change is the only constant, therefore learn to evolve. Broken Sodalite is a sign of upcoming change. To make place for new opportunities, let go of the old.
  3. Third, look within. Has the crystal helped you solve problems? Did the crystal help you in anyway? If so, you know that your Sodalite performed its duties.

On the other hand, find out what it means if you misplace or lose your Sodalite.

Is It Bad To Break Sodalite?

In this situation, the Sodalite's breaking could be interpreted as a sign that it has served its purpose. Now is the moment to cleanse your Sodalite, find a new use for it, or give to someone who will value it more than you can.

Does Sodalite Scratch Or Break Easily?

Sodalite, like most other stones, is extremely fragile and will shatter upon impact from tall distances. The stone's Mohs hardness level is between 5.5 and 6, making it more scratch-resistant than many other crystals. However, even the hardest stones can lose their luster with improper care.

Don't keep your Sodalite near any other stones, especially tougher crystals, if you want to keep it in pristine condition. You can enjoy your beautiful Sodalite crystal for many years if you treat it with care.


Sodalite is a potent inspiration stone with numerous advantages. It can help you release bad energy, welcome change, improve your intuition, and guide you to make the right decisions. Don't worry if your Sodalite breaks, but rather keep an eye out for a positive shift in the horizon.