sunstone breaking meaning

What Does It Mean When Sunstone Breaks?

Sunstone, a gorgeous orange crystal, is one of the most powerful lucky stones known to mankind. Once the crystal has formed in the lava, the volcano will erupt, releasing the crystal into the atmosphere.

According to popular belief, this stone can boost your intuition and provide you with a healthy dose of good vibes. So when your Sunstone breaks, what does it mean?

What Is The Meaning Of Sunstone Breaking?

Your Sunstone may have broken for a number of metaphysical reasons. One of the reasons is the stone has been depleted of its "lucky" energy. Some people think the crystal is sending you its strongest energy one more time, while others think it's a sign that the crystal has served its purpose in your life. Cleansing your Sunstone on a regular basis can prevent it from accumulating too much negative energy, which may cause it to break.

The loss of your Sunstone, for whatever reason, can be upsetting. It's always upsetting when a crystal you've grown attached to breaks.

Here are a few essential things you should do after your Sunstone breaks.

To begin, you shouldn't be worried. When a crystal breaks, it can feel like the end of the world, but it's not. This can actually be a wonderful thing, as it indicates that your Sunstone has successfully processed all the negative energy it had been harboring.

Second, once you've come to terms with the fact that your crystal is no longer whole, you'll be free to let go of any emotional ties you had to it. Purify or cleanse any remaining fragments of Sunstone if you intend to keep them.

Lastly, appreciate the wisdom gained. It may be difficult to find the bright side of things when our precious Sunstone crystal cracks, but try as we might, there is a purpose to every setback. No matter how things may seem at the time, the cosmos is always working in our advantage.

Find out what it means when you lose your Sunstone instead.

Is It Bad To Break Sunstone?

If your Sunstone breaks, it may mean it has served its purpose. The moment has come to either cleanse your crystal, find a new use for it, or pass it on to someone who could benefit from it more than you.

Does Sunstone Scratch Or Break Easily?

Crystals, like Sunstone, are fragile and easily broken if not handled with care. The stone has a hardness grade of 6.5 to 7.2 on the Mohs scale, making it more durable than many other crystals. In comparison to other stones, it's not as likely to get scratched.

However, the luster and durability of even the hardest stones will fade with time and improper care. Take special care of your Sunstone crystals and jewelry by following these simple precautions:

  • If you want to keep the stone in one piece, avoid dropping it or treating it roughly.
  • Sunstone crystals and jewelry should be kept in a soft cloth or jewelry box while they are not in use.
  • Stones having a greater Mohs hardness rating should be kept away from your Sunstone to prevent damage.


Sunstone has a long history of use as a potent good-luck stone. It has the power to dissipate negativity, facilitate acceptance of change, improve intuition, and spread good vibes. So don't worry if your Sunstone breaks; just keep an eye out for better things to come.

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