white jade breaking meaning

What Does It Mean When White Jade Breaks?

White Jade is a popular white stone known as a crystal of peace and tranquility. In China, a rare kind of white jade called "mutton fat jade" is more valuable than gold because of its scarcity and desirability.

White Jade is a potent stone whose significance is associated with its capacity to produce peace and pleasant moods.

But what does it mean if your White Jade breaks?

What Is The Meaning Of White Jade Breaking?

When your White Jade breaks, it may imply that the stone has fulfilled its task of promoting tranquility and good vibes. Others, on the other hand, think it is time to move on from the past and focus on the future.

If your White Jade is damaged or chipped, it is a sign that it is time to let go of something that no longer represents you. This might be a bad habit, a negative thought pattern, or an unhealthy relationship. Hold your broken White Jade in your palm and let go of whatever is blocking you from feeling happiness.

It might be upsetting if your White Jade breaks for just about any reason. When you've gotten attached to and connected with a crystal, it's never a nice feeling when it breaks.

Here's what you should do immediately once your crystal has shattered.

Allow yourself to let go of whatever that no longer serves you. One of the most fundamental things we can learn in life is to let go. This might be a harmful habit, a negative mental pattern, or a toxic relationship. Hold your broken White Jade in your palm and let go of whatever is preventing you from finding happiness.

Second, learn to accept that your crystal has shattered in order to let go of whatever attachments you may have had to it. If you choose to keep your remaining White Jade, be sure you cleanse the remaining pieces. Cleansing your White Jade on a regular basis can prevent it from accumulating too much negative energy.

The third thing you should do is assess yourself. Has the crystal assisted you in resolving the difficulties you hoped for? Have you benefited from the crystal in some way in your life? Knowing the answer might help you understand how you will feel if a prized crystal breaks.

Find out what it means when you lose your White Jade instead.

Is It Bad To Break White Jade?

When your crystal breaks, have faith that everything will be OK. When things are uncertain, it is essential to believe and trust that everything will turn out okay. Everything unfolds for a reason, and the universe has a plan for you. Have confidence and believe that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Does White Jade Scratch Or Break Easily?

White Jade, like many other crystals, is delicate and may shatter and break if not handled carefully. The Mohs hardness rating of the stone is 6 to 7, indicating that it is more durable than many other crystals. It is less prone to scratching than many other stones. However, if not treated correctly, even the strongest stones will fade and lose their brilliance over time.

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Keep your White Jade away from other stones, particularly those with a higher Mohs hardness rating, to ensure proper maintenance. If you take good care of your White Jade crystal, it may last for years.


White Jade is a powerful peace stone with several benefits. It may help you release bad energy, embrace change, create peace, and spread positive energy. Don't worry if your White Jade breaks, but keep an eye out for a massive shift on the horizon.