yellow calcite breaking meaning

What Does It Mean When Yellow Calcite Breaks?

Yellow Calcite, sometimes known as the stone of confidence, is a gorgeous yellow crystal. In Ancient Egypt, the crystal was often utilized as a good luck stone.

Yellow Calcite is said to attract prosperity and creativity energies.

So, what happens if your Yellow Calcite breaks? Let's delve more into the significance of Yellow Calcite breaking.

What Is The Meaning Of Yellow Calcite Breaking?

When your Yellow Calcite breaks, it might signify a variety of things. To some, this signifies you've used up all of your stone's beneficial energy and that it is no longer able to attract prosperity and serve as a good luck stone. Others may see this as the stone not being compatible with your energy.

Others believe it might imply that the stone is doing precisely what it was designed to accomplish and is releasing its most intense energy via the crack.

Whatever the cause of your broken Yellow Calcite, know that it is a cosmic signal that change is on the way. Learn to welcome new opportunities and let go of what no longer serves you.

Here's what you should do right away if your crystal has broken.

The first thing you should do is maintain your cool. There's no need to be concerned about your crystal shattering. Your crystal breaking may indicate that it has fulfilled its purpose, whether you are aware of it or not.

The second thing you should do if your crystal breaks is to cleanse the broken parts. Excess energy is produced when a crystal breaks, therefore make sure the crystal is completely charged or cleansed.

The third thing you should do is examine yourself. Has the crystal assisted you in overcoming the problems you hoped for? Have you benefited from the crystal in some way in your life? Knowing the answer might help you understand how you will feel if a precious crystal breaks.

Find out what it means when you lose your Yellow Calcite instead.

Is It Bad To Break Yellow Calcite?

Remember that when a crystal breaks - in this example, your Yellow Calcite - it might be a sign that it has completed its duty. It's now time to cleanse your crystal, repurpose it, or donate it to someone who needs it more than you do. 

Does Yellow Calcite Scratch Or Break Easily?

Most stones, including Yellow Calcite, are fragile and may quickly shatter if dropped hard enough. The stone has a Mohs hardness value of 3, indicating that it is softer than many other crystals and hence more susceptible to scratches. However, if treated carefully, even the most delicate stones may retain their luster for an extended period of time.

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Keep your Yellow Calcite apart from other stones, particularly those with a higher Mohs hardness rating, to ensure proper care. If you take good care of your Yellow Calcite crystal, it may last for years.


Consider your Yellow Calcite shattering as a positive sign that the crystal has done its job of drawing the energy of confidence into your life. Thank the cosmos and Yellow Calcite for all the beautiful things that are coming your way.