Up close of a raw citrine gemstone.

Citrine: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Citrine is a rare cousin of the purple quartz we call amethyst. This yellow quartz takes on many shapes and hues, is found around the world, and has a history dating back to the Greeks of antiquity. Citrine itself is taken, most obviously, from citron which refers to the color of citrus fruits. 

The stone itself is quite powerful even though you can almost see through it. 

Look closer, though, and you can see the energy bubbling inside this stone. The stone is so powerful it can align all your chakras, giving you the power to control your emotions, harness your energy, and live the life you deserve. 

What is Citrine?

Citrine, as mentioned, is a yellow quartz formed due to the iron content inside each stone. These ferric impurities help the stone lose its darker colors and shimmer with the light inside. Most similar to yellow topaz, Citrine is a completely different stone with its own energies and desires. 

Natural Citrine is very rare because it must be forged with intense heat — conditions most gemstones cannot survive. This makes the Citrine both battle-tested and resilient. 

With a chemical composition of SiO2, the stone is most often used as the November birthstone. Couples may use the stone to celebrate their thirteenth anniversary, but this stone is primarily a healer. 

Citrine serves the sacral, solar plexus, and crown chakras. It aligns with Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra. Moreover, it aligns with Jupiter, lilts with the element of air, and vibrates with the tones of the number six. 

Man holding a citrine gemstone.

Why Should You Buy Citrine?

First, Citrine is a beautiful stone. This is the sort of stone you wear around your neck and everyone wants to see it. Give the love of your life a Citrine ring to promise your love, or wear Citrine earrings that can speak in your ear the best of intentions. 

Citrine, due to its rarity, has a heightened perceived value on the marketplace. If nothing else, your Citrine feels exclusive when you wear it. This is due in part to the fact that it is unlike almost every other gemstone on the market. 

The stone also helps you live life to the fullest. Its powers are such that you can change your life, grow, and become the warm soul you always wanted to be — or forgot how to be. Instead of buying Citrine for a singular power, make this purchase because it can touch every part of your life with a guiding hand. 

How to Use Citrine

Citrine, like any other jewel, can simply live with you every day as you wear the ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings containing the stone. When you keep Citrine in your presence at all times, it is a calming stone that will keep you on the right path while also giving you the energy you need to press forward.

Make this stone a constant companion when you go to work, travel, visit friends, or exercise. You might keep Citrine in your car or your desk. Some people carry it in a special pouch. 

When you need direct contact, hold Citrine in your hands to meditate. Lay Citrine on the part of you that hurts the most so that you can feel its healing powers. 

Allow Citrine to live in your home and fill the temple with its robes. Yes, even a small Citrine on a dish next to your favorite burning candle can work wonders in your home — especially when you don’t know what else to do. 

The Benefits of Using Citrine

Citrine benefits you in several ways. This is a powerful stone that begins with feelings of prosperity and happiness. As we all know, when you are happy and prosper, the rest of your life seems to come into focus. As a result, this crystal is also a stone of joy — something you can hand off to friends and loved ones as needed. 

At the same time, Citrine is a stone of motivation and activity. When you need to get going, meet that deadline, or simply make a needed change in your life, Citrine can help you do it. Plus, it aids both focus and concentration — which is especially helpful for students and those who have tedious jobs. 

Finally, Citrine can raise your self-esteem. When everything else in your life seems to be in order, the joy that you feel can make you more confident. Consider Citrine when sharing the stone or offering it as a gift to someone in need of a boost of confidence.

Zoomed in collection of raw citrine crystals.

Where Can You Find Citrine?

Citrine mines can be found in Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Peru, South Africa, and Zambia.

Citrine deposits in California are extremely popular and prolific, including:

  • Carmelita Mine
  • Tourmaline Queen Mine
  • Hercules Mine
  • San Pedro Mine
  • Oceanview Mine
  • Newman Mine
  • and Catalina Island

A Few Final Thoughts on Citrine

Because Citrine can bring your life full circle, giving you all the joy and prosperity you need, healing your ills, and gifting your loved ones with positive energy, it should become a part of your family today.
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