Raw black lava stone.

Lava Stone: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

What is Lava Stone?

Lava Stone is a natural stone that has cooled down lava, which formed into the shape of rocks. Lava stone has small holes, which give it its porous look. Lava stone comes in many colors, most commonly black, but it can also be reds or yellow. And because this is one of the oldest stones known to man, it can be found anywhere that volcanic ash and rock have fallen. You may even discover tiny pearls in the waters near your next vacation destination!

While your search for lava stone may lead you to kitchen counters and interior decor, there is a much deeper meaning behind these stones. As the name suggests, lava stone is of the earth, a grounding stone that keeps you in harmony with nature. This, however, is only the beginning of your experience with lava stone.

Spiritual Meaning of Lava Stone

Lava Stone is a stone of primal fire, and is very grounding. It boosts energy and helps keep you in the flow. Lava Stone can be used to direct energy, which makes it an essential tool in your spiritual journey. Wearing or carrying Lava Stones will help you stay grounded and centered during any meditation or manifestation practices.

While wearing this stone, you'll begin to notice how it helps you gain insight into your personal power. It's very easy for us to lose touch with our power, especially because we're all human! Lava Stone reminds us that it is okay to acknowledge our feelings and then set them aside without guilt or shame. If Lava Stone can do this for you, it will be a potent tool in your journey to self-actualization.

Lava Stone is associated with the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It is our foundation for all energy flow throughout our bodies. This makes sense considering lava stone helps us ground energy and allows us to work through any energies that may be inhibiting our flow!

If you are interested in learning more about your spirituality, or your connection to the energy of crystals, Lava Stone is a great place to start.

Lava Stone in Ancient History & Lore

The history of Lava Stone is steeped in myth. According to ancient legend, God sent Lehi to lead his people away from Jerusalem before the city was destroyed. During their journey, his family stepped on a piece of dry ground that turned out to be hot lava rock! It took great effort for them to climb across the treacherous terrain. It takes its name from this legend, as the word "Lava" means "to burn."

Ancient civilizations used Lava Stone to make rock gardens and even walls for protection! While traveling through these areas, you may see Lava stone incorporated into many of the existing structures. Some say that Native American Indians also used lava stones in their spiritual ceremonies, though this remains an unproven legend.

In addition to its many myths and legends, Lava Stone has been used in the kitchen for many centuries! Cooking with lava stone dates back to the Romans. In fact, there is a current trend among chefs to add Lava Stones into commercial ovens to maintain optimal temperature while cooking food.

Lava stones are found all around the world, most commonly in Hawaii, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Italy, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, and Canada.

Today you can find Lava Stone in your kitchen, living room, and even on your body (With some lovely Lava Stone jewelry, of course!) This once ancient stone is now accessible to us all, offering it's wisdom and power to us all.

lava stone healing properties

Healing Properties of Lava Stone

Lava Stone comes packed with protective and grounding properties. This stone can help you connect with your inner power, which is essential for spiritual growth. It also assists in the process of grounding energy and is excellent to use during meditation or any manifestation practices where you want energy moving freely!

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Lava Stone enhances service to others by helping us realize that the most powerful thing we can do for others is to be our true selves. When we allow ourselves to be authentically us, we offer the world a truly genuine gift!

Lava Stone can be used to direct energy, allowing it to be an important tool in your spiritual journey. Wearing or carrying lava stones will help you stay grounded and centered during any meditation or manifestation practices. You'll also begin to notice how it enables you to gain insight into any internal struggles you're facing, allowing you to let go and move forward with your life!

Lava Stone Metaphysical Properties

Lava Stone is associated with the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It's where our foundation for all energy flow throughout our bodies begins, and this makes it a very powerful tool to incorporate into your spiritual life!

The root chakra, or base chakra, is the foundation for our physical bodies. It's where we direct all of our energy, and it also acts as a sort of filter for the rest of our energy centers. If this center becomes blocked, we may feel sluggish or unable to focus when we need to most.

The root chakra helps with your connection to the earth and your surroundings. It acts as a stabilizer for our bodies and enhances the sense of smell.

Lava stone helps promote spirituality and can help you find pathways into yourself that may have been shut off for one reason or another.

Spiritually, Lava Stone is the perfect stone for grounding yourself and enhancing your connection to the Earth, which is an integral part of any spiritual journey!

Spiritual & Metaphysical Properties of Lava Stone:

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  • Grounding Stone
  • Protective Stone
  • Root Chakra Stone
  • Enhances Inner Power & Connection to Earth
  • Spiritual Journey Stone

Lava Stone Emotional & Mental Healing Benefits:

Lava Stone is the perfect stone for grounding and protection. It's also a wonderful stone to help you develop your connection with yourself and truly become one with that inner power we all hold inside of us! Lava Stones allow you to connect deeply with the Earth and its energies, allowing for proper spiritual growth no matter which path you travel down. Lava stone will help you find spiritual clarity and insight into any internal struggles that need to be worked through.

Lava Stone helps you find yourself, allowing the world around you to become more clear. It can be your aid with anxiety, encouraging you to face your fears and truly feel the emotions inside of you so that they may be processed and released. Lava Stone is an excellent stone for those who feel like they've lost touch with themselves and that inner power, allowing you to reconnect and become reenergized!

Lava Stone is an awesome stone for manifesting your goals! It can also help you release anything holding you back from achieving those goals either physically or mentally.

Lava Stone Benefits

The unique benefits of lava stone stretch from your dreams to your creativity. Lava stone is known to enhance creativity and unlock ideas lingering in the outer reaches of your mind. Lava stone improves communication, especially when you feel you do not have a voice, and it can even help you better understand your dreams. 

A source of courage, carry the lava stone with you when you need an extra dose of bravery to confront the hardest things in life. 

Some also believe that Lava Stone is a stone of rebirth, allowing the user to remove layers of emotions that weigh them down. This power goes beyond letting go of a singular emotion—lava stone helps you turn the pages of the chapters of your life. 

Unique Benefits of Lava Stone include:

  • Grounding & Protection
  • Enhances Inner Power & Connection to Earth
  • Spiritual Journey Stone
  • Promotes spiritual growth
  • Helps you find clarity in your life

Black lava stones from the Canary Islands.

How to use Lava Stone

To Enhance Spiritual Growth

Lava Stones can be used in chakra layouts, by placing the stone on parts of your body associated with different chakras. You can also hold a lava stone and meditate, allowing the rock to absorb negative energy. Then, after you've cleansed it, bury or discard the stone in nature for something beautiful to grow from the ashes of negativity.

To Enhance Communication

Lava Stones carry a high level of energy. As such, they can be used to enhance your connection with your spirit guides and guardian angels. When you're doing meditation or just taking some time alone to center yourself, hold the Lava Stone and ask for assistance. Chances are something amazing will happen if you open yourself up to the possibilities.

To Encourage a New Beginning

Lava Stones can help you turn a new page in your life, literally and figuratively. If you have an idea of what your future looks like, use a Lava Stone to write down your ideas or subconscious thoughts on that potential path. Place the stone in a place you will see it frequently, such as by your bedside. As you move forward and come closer to your future dreams, the Lava Stone will serve as a reminder of where you came from and how far you've come.

To Unlock Creativity

Lava Stones carry innate energy that encourages creativity and expression. Carrying a Lava Stone with you allows the stone to draw out your subconscious ideas and release them into reality. You can also use a Lava Stone in chakra layouts to activate your creativity, or you can place the rock on any of your chakras associated with expression. But don't stop there—dance, sing, paint! Whatever form of self-expression you enjoy, your latent creativity is just waiting to be unleashed.

To Ease the Transition into Sleep

A Lava Stone's ability to release negative energy can help you fall asleep faster and ease any restless feelings at night. Place a lava stone on the floor by your bed, then place your feet on top of it as you lie down. The stone will absorb any negative energy from your body and help you relax, easing the transition into a deep sleep.

Using Lava Stone in a Diffuser Bracelet

One of the great things about Lava Stone is that it can be used in so many different ways! One way to use Lava Stone is as a diffuser bracelet. Because of its porous nature, jewelry outfitted with essential oils allows you to put a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto the stones. This will allow the oils to slowly release throughout the course of your day, allowing for an awesome aromatherapy session on the go!

Lava Stone Zodiac & Birthstone

The astrology signs most compatible with Lava Stone are Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Aries: From March 21 to April 19. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

Aries signs are most compatible with Lava Stone because it is a stone that empowers you to start over. It's also the perfect stone for people starting new jobs, beginning new projects or wanting to make changes in their lives.

Scorpio: From October 23 to November 22. Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which aligns nicely with Lava Stone. Since you are empowered through your ability to create transformation in your life, this is the perfect stone for you! As a water sign, it also fits nicely with your personality.

Capricorn: From December 22 to January 19. Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn, and Lava Stone has a strong connection with this planet as well! Since you're someone who is all about bettering yourself and making changes in your life, Lava Stone is perfect for you. You can also use Lava Stones to enhance your creativity and bring out hidden ideas.

How to Cleanse & Charge Your Lava Stone

First, place your lava stone in a bowl filled with salt. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and leave it outside overnight. The next morning, remove the rock from the bowl and rinse it under warm water to wash away any residue left behind by the salt. Then, offer it up to the sun so that its rays can infuse your stone with positive energy!

Once the stone has soaked up enough sun, you can proceed with placing it on your altar. Create an intention for your new rock—what do you plan to use it for? What message does the Universe have for you? How will this new stone change your life? Once you've decided on an intention, hold the Lava Stone in your hands and focus on how this stone will help you. If necessary, you can chant a mantra while meditating with your rock.

After you've finished your meditation, place your Lava Stone in an area of your home where it's visible to remind yourself of the message or intention that you set for yourself. You can also place your stone in a sunny spot to recharge it with positive energy.

Lava Stone In Jewelry

One of the most popular stones for use in jewelry is Lava Stone. This type of stone is found in both black and white varieties, with the majority being black. Because of its porous nature, It has a unique look that makes it stand out among other gemstones. Lava stone can be used in all kinds of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

As a bonus, jewelry outfitted with Lava Stones can also act as diffuser jewelry because of its porous nature. You can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the pores of the Lava Stone, which will allow the natural scent of the oil to be released throughout your day, allowing for great and soothing aromas while wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry.

What other gemstones pair well with Lava Stone?

Howlite: A stone of calming and relaxation. It works nicely with Lava Stone because it's a stone that encourages change and the ability to start over, which is something you can both appreciate!

Rose Quartz: A calming and peaceful gemstone used for love and affection, Rose Quartz pairs well with Lava Stone as its properties encourage self-love. You'll always be ready to start over because of the power that Lava Stone holds.

Sodalite: The lovely blue coloring of Sodalite is known for its calming and peaceful properties. If you're drawn to the power of this stone, Lava Stone is a beautiful way to incorporate it into your life and energy!

Amazonite: This lovely green stone is known for its ability to bring feelings of kindness and self-love. If you're looking to embrace these feelings, a pairing with Lava Stone is a great way to bring them into your life.

Closing Thoughts on Lava Stone

Lava stone is a powerful addition to any witch's altar, spirit wear or jewelry collection! This rock features deep meaning and symbolism for those all about improving their lives. Whether you wish to add some magic into your day by releasing positive energy through meditation or want to enhance your creativity and bring out new ideas, Lava Stone is for you!

All in all, Lava Stone is an all-around spectacular addition to any collection and one that will work wonders for you!