Close up of a raw smoky quartz crystal

Smoky Quartz: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Smoky Quartz is a mystery in and of itself. The colors of a smoky quartz range from black or slate grey to the iridescent images of smoke billowing up to the clouds. This stone rings with both the number 2 and the number 8. Related to both the earth and the air, it’s versatile beyond your imagination, and it relates to the Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Scorpio. 

Learning more about the meaning and origins of the Smoky Quartz will lead you to a more productive and relaxing personal practice. Moreover, this particular stone can step in when you feel negative energies taking over just about any situation. As you read, remember that Smoky Quartz is more than a stone — it’s a lifeline.

What is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is unique in that you will find it in jewelry, but it is also a gemstone prized for its healing and calming properties. The simple chemical formula SiO2 makes this stone possible, but it can come together in several different ways. 

As the colors come together in different ways — from nearly transparent to incredibly dark — the styles have taken special names in different parts of the world.

Morion is one of the darker stones found in Germany, Polish, and other regions of Northern Europe.

The Cairngorm is native to the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. This particular Smoky Quartz has tinges of yellow, and it’s often used on kilt pins or as decoration around the belt. One particular Cairngorm is so large that it’s held at Braemar Castle as a sort of “jewel of Scotland”.

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Chinese inventors even designed sunglasses in the 12th Century using flat sheets of Smoky Quartz.

Smoky quartz crystal on a white table with plants in the background.

Why Should You Buy Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful stone to add to your arsenal as it has many wonderful powers. When you buy Smoky Quartz, you are inviting serenity, calm, and positivity into your life. This alone is helpful if you work a stressful job or live in a stressful situation.

Do you have several kids, live in a busy house, or experience quite a lot of noise coming from your neighbors? Bringing Smoky Quartz into your home ensures you can experience some sort of peace and quiet.

Smoky Quartz is also a useful if you experience bouts of anxiety that you often cannot place. This is completely normal, but using Smoky Quartz in your daily practice helps train your body to both recognize and combat anxiety.

How to Use Smoky Quartz

You could wear Smoky Quartz on a pendant, or you might wear it around your wrist. Some people turn to Smoky Quartz earrings, and still others prefer to keep Smoky Quartz near them — perhaps in a bag, pocket, desk, or around the home.

Smoky Quartz is active all the time, but its powers increase when you speak to it and add it to your daily meditation. 

Bring the Smoky Quartz into your palm and close both hands around it. Focus on the energy of the stone, and speak your intentions into the stone. Allow the stone to impart wisdom and clear the way for you to see what is right and good.

The Benefits of Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz helps ground you, providing you with the sense of stability and feeling “settled” that you often cannot get in your daily life. Smoky Quartz is excellent for diffusing negative energy because it soaks up those energies when you cannot manage them on your own. 

This can be especially helpful even if those energies invade your space from somewhere else. For example, you may work in a busy office with negative or rude people, and keeping Smoky Quartz nearby absorbs that energy so that their negativity does not influence you.

Smoky Quartz has been used by practitioners to aid with both anxiety and depression, eliminating intrusive thoughts. Its positivity makes you feel as though you should spring into action. You can also use Smoky Quartz for both focus and communication.

Person holding a smoky quartz crystal.

Where Can You Find Smoky Quartz?

When you travel the globe looking for Smoky Quartz, you will find it in various regions where mines uncover both the crystal and its many variants. In Austria, there are mines in Tyrol and the surrounding region. Chinese mines in the Guangdong Province reveal nearly translucent stones, and mines in the Hunan Province hold stones that are almost purple in color. 

Other sources are located in Germany, Greece, Italy, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia, and Norway. The dark stones in Norway almost appear to be a different substance because of their coloring and the ridges formed along the faces of each stone. Romania, Switzerland, and the Ukraine also have large and noteworthy deposits.

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In the United States, deposits range from Pike’s Peak to Peterson Mountain on the Nevada-California line. 

A Few Final Thoughts

Allow Smoky Quartz to heal you, speak to you, and provide you with guidance that you cannot get anywhere else. As Smoky Quartz grounds you, it can help you remain positive in ways that nothing else can.