Up close of a tumbled apatite stone on pavement.

Apatite: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Apatite looks almost as if it leapt from the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. The shimmer along its hard edges reminds you of the power held within. Plus, this crystal carries quite a lot of meaning that you cannot find in other stones.

As you expand your personal practice and seek crystals that live with you in harmony, you will be stunned by the airy elements of this stone, how it aligns with the Gemini in you, and the blue colors that feel almost oceanic.

What is Apatite?

Apatite is a phosphate mineral that is properly known as fluorapatite. Discovered by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1786, the stone can easily be mistaken for other crystals you may keep in your collection. Because the stone is confusing — almost deceptive in its nature — its name reflects that characteristic. The Greek word ‘apatein’ means “to deceive or to mislead.” 

While this stone is not a trickster, it is one that carries versatility far beyond most other stones. It is the stone you need it to be in the moment, and it continues to change as your needs change. It’s as if the stone knows precisely what you need and why.

Why Should You Buy Apatite?

Apatite is beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful crystals you can own because its blue hues are so rich. When you look closer, the striations underneath the surface carry the golds of the sands, greens of the algae, and whites reflecting the clouds. 

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When smoothed, the stone can take on any shape. It vibrates with the frequency of the number 9, and brings to you a distinct sense of discernment.

With this sense of discernment comes a desire for intellect and a focus on learning. You are not simply learning knowledge from a book — you are learning the world around you. You can see and hear all those near to you, learn from your experiences, and understand others.

That understanding comes with a clarity that is rare in other crystals. Moreover, you can accept the things you cannot change. That is an intellectual and emotional maturity that is not found in other places. It will surprise you when you not only accept what you cannot change but also understand that you need a new path instead of forging an unsuccessful meander. 

Raw apatite gemstones on black slab.

How to Use Apatite

When you take possession of your first apatite, you will find it light for its size, imbued with a sense of hope. Keep the stone in your pocket, tuck it in your jacket, or slip it in your work bag. You may also choose to leave the stone on your desk to aid in concentration. Some people carry it during their travels, or they place the stone around the home for added discernment.

If you choose to meditate with the stone, keep it in both hands where you can feel its vibrations. Apatite does not always impart its intellect and wisdom in passing. You may need to ask yourself what should be discerned, where you are looking, or what your best course of action is.

In some cases, you can lie down with this stone over your heart where it can speak directly to your innermost intentions. You might also leave the stone in your hand or hold it near your mouth to improve communication.

Perhaps you feel a lack of communication in your relationships. Bring the stone with you to every conversation, place it on your nightstand, or set it under your mattress so that you can communicate in your most intimate moments with your partner. 

The healing power of Apatite opens your eyes to unconditional love. In our lives, we are often so broken that we cannot recognize unconditional love or accept it — Apatite makes that possible. 

The Benefits of Using Apatite

Aside from the uses mentioned above, Apatite benefits you in the power you gain from knowledge. When you are motivated, you are progressing in school,  in your career, and even your relationships. Plus, you will uncover a hunger for the truth that will drive not only your personal ethics but your desire to live an authentic life with authentic people. 

Apatite also eases your sorrows because it can speak to you in the quiet places. When things seem out of control, you can rationalize your next steps and understand how to move forward without being overwhelmed with anxiety or grief. 

An additional benefit is that Apatite touches your throat chakra, which can do more than simply open the lines of communication. You can link to the highest levels of spiritual guidance that can only come from within. 

Collection of raw apatite gemstones.

Where Can You Find Apatite?

Apatite deposits have been found around the world from Myanmar, Brazil, and India to Kenya, Madagascar, and Norway. Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada also have significant mines yielding Apatite every year.

In the United States, mines in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and beyond yield Apatite. You may want to visit Wilson Springs in Arkansas, Escarpado Canyon in Cima Hill, California, or Mount Pleasant in Florida, and many more.

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A Few Final Thoughts on Apatite

When you have a thirst for knowledge and discernment, Apatite can easily become your best friend. Allow this stone to guide you as you focus on truth in the world and push aside anxiety.