selenite meaning, healing properties, history and benefits

Selenite Meaning: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Coming from the heavens above, Selenite is a truly ethereal crystal. Its name comes from the Greek goddess Selene, who was the goddess of the moon. Fittingly, Selenite is known for its celestial qualities and is said to be a powerful stone for connecting with the Divine. Let's take a closer look...

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a soft, translucent crystal that is most commonly found in desert locales. Also known as “satin spar” or “gypsum flower,” this mineral is composed of calcium sulfate, which usually forms in massive beds.

Additionally, as a gypsum crystal, Selenite is typically colorless or white and is often translucent in appearance.

Spiritual Meaning of Selenite

Selenite gets its name from the moon goddess Selene, the ancient Greek mythological deity of the moon's light. And as the name suggests, Selenite has strong ties to the moon and the celestial realm. Selenite's meaning is all about spirituality and connection to the Divine.

Some believe that Selenite crystals are actually fragments of fallen stars, making them little pieces of the heavens here on earth. What a powerful thought!

For many, Selenite is a go-to stone for providing peace of mind and eliminating negative energy. It's also said to be a powerful amplifier of your own personal energy and intentions.

Beyond its connection to the celestial realm, Selenite is also known as a stone of psychic awareness. It is said to open the Third Eye Chakra and enhance one's psychic abilities. If you're looking to connect with your intuition, Selenite is an excellent stone to work with.

When you gaze into Selenite, it is said to help bring out the moon goddess within. Besides being a manifestation of the moon's powers, Selenite can be used as a bridge between earth and space, connecting us with higher frequencies of energy from above.

Selenite in Ancient History & Lore

As far as folklore goes, there are many stories behind Selenite's history & uses in ancient times. It is believed that Selenite was once a part of the moon's surface, which then magically transformed into stone due to the goddess Selene's sadness.

Selenite has been used for centuries by the Native Americans, Egyptians, and Mayans. It was believed to have been used for protection from negative energy and harmful entities. Ancient civilizations may have held Selenite in their hands when they prayed to Selene, believing that the stones came from her domain.

In ancient times it was believed that sleeping with a Selenite crystal at night would help people remember their dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. Today, many believe that Selenite can help you remember your dreams which makes it easier to recall them in detail and aid with lucid dreaming.

Selenite was used by the Aztecs in ancient times for protection against negative energy and evil spirits, helping them receive inner peace and enlightenment. The Aztecs also believed that Selenite alleviated physical and emotional pain, bringing about hope and acceptance.

Lastly, the ancient Egyptians placed Selenite in tombs to protect the soul and guide the spirits when they journeyed through the underworld. It was also used by healers in Ancient Egypt for its protective qualities, particularly against illness and infection.

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Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is often seen as a stone that can remind you of your true self. It has been said that Selenite is the stone that brings down the moon's healing grace of wisdom, and clarity. This makes Selenite an excellent tool for meditation, dreamwork, psychic protection, energy cleansing, and manifestation. Selenite is also believed to release negativity in the home or workplace, which allows for all sorts of happiness to bloom in your life. Let's dive a bit further into the specifics:

Selenite Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysically, Selenite is associated with the moon, psychic abilities, and the crown and third eye chakra. Let's talk about what this all means.

Selenite is most commonly associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Charka. The Third Eye Chakra is the chakra of intuition, wisdom, and psychic abilities. The Crown Chakra is the chakra of connection to the divine, spiritual understanding, and bliss.

When these chakras are open and in balance, you are able to connect to your higher self, intuition, and strengthen your psychic abilities. You may also find that you are more in tune with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle.

Selenite is also a stone that is associated with the moon. The moon is a powerful symbol of female energy, intuition, and emotions. It is also a reminder that everything is constantly changing and that nothing is permanent. The cyclical nature of the moon represents the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Selenite can help to attune you to these natural cycles so that you can flow with them rather than resist them. This can be helpful when you are going through tough times or major life changes.

Lastly, Selenite is believed to help you to access information from your higher self or the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are often referred to as the “Book of Life” and contain all of the knowledge of the Universe.

Selenite Emotional & Mental Healing Properties

The energy of Selenite is calming and soothing, making it helpful for anyone that's in need of some gentle, loving energy. It's the perfect stone to help cleanse negative energy from your environment, and to open you to positive, loving vibes.

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On an emotional level, Selenite can help to dispel anger, fear, worry, and doubt. It's a very supportive stone. It can also help to bring about a sense of peace and calm. If you're someone that struggles with anxiety or depression, Selenite can be a helpful tool in your self-care arsenal.

Mentally, Selenite is known as a “stone of truth." This wonderful stone is believed to help you release old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve you. This can be helpful when you are trying to create positive changes in your life.

Physical Healing Properties of Selenite

Physically, Selenite is known to help with ailments of the spine, joints, and skeletal system. It's also said to be helpful for detoxifying the body and balancing the body's pH levels.

Selenite is a stone that is often used in energy healing practices such as reiki and acupuncture. Here are a few other areas Selenite is believed to aid in:

  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Aiding in digestion
  • Regulating blood pressure

How to use Selenite

Now that we've covered some of the ways Selenite can help you physically, emotionally, and mentally, let's talk about how to incorporate this powerful crystal into your everyday life.

There are plenty of ways to use Selenite, and it really depends on what you're looking for. So we're going to cover it all!

Wear Selenite Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to reap the benefits of Selenite is to simply wear it! You can find Selenite in all sorts of jewelry, from earrings and necklaces, to bracelets and rings.

It's believed that wearing crystals close to your skin provides you with the most benefit. So if you're looking for a way to keep Selenite close, jewelry is a great option.

Place Selenite Around Your Home

If you want to cleanse the energy in your home, or simply surround yourself with good vibes, Selenite is a great choice.

You can place Selenite crystals around your home, in each room, or even in specific areas that you feel need some extra love. For example, if you're struggling with anxiety, you might place a Selenite crystal near your bed to help you relax and sleep better at night.

Meditate with Selenite

Selenite is an excellent stone for meditation, as it can help to clear your mind and open you up to higher vibrational energy. As a matter of fact, it's one of the best stones to meditate with calming energy.

To meditate with Selenite, simply hold a piece of Selenite in your hand, or place it in front of you. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe, feel the lunar energy of the Selenite clearing away any negative energy, and opening you up to positive, loving vibes.

Sleeping with Selenite

Selenite is one of the best crystals to place your pillow at nightIt's said to help you achieve a deep, restful sleep. If you're someone that struggles with insomnia, or simply has trouble sleeping through the night, Selenite can be a helpful addition to your bedtime routine.

Simply place a piece of Selenite under your pillow, or near your bed, and see if it makes a

Use Selenite in Your Skincare Routine

Believe it or not, Selenite can also be used in your skincare routine! Many people use crystal rollers, which are similar to wands (but smooth, instead of pointed), to massage their face.

Not only does this feel amazing, but it's also said to help with inflammation, wrinkles, and puffiness. Simply roll the Selenite wand over your skin, and enjoy the benefits!

Cleansing Your Aura With Selenite

Selenite is an excellent stone for cleansing your aura. If you're not familiar with the term, your aura is your energy field. It surrounds your body, and can be affected by the energy around you.

When your aura becomes clouded or bogged down with negative energy, it can leave you feeling drained, angry, or even sick. But cleansing your aura with Selenite can help to clear away that negative energy, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

To cleanse your aura with Selenite, simply hold a piece of Selenite in your hand, and imagine the white light of healing energy surrounds you. Envision the Selenite cleansing away any negative energy, and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Use It to Charge And Cleanse Other Crystals

Selenite is very well known for its ability to charge other crystals. And it can be a really simple process, too. If you have a crystal that you want to cleanse or charge, simply place it on or near a piece of Selenite overnight.

If you don't have a large enough Selenite crystal, you can also use what's called a Selenite charging plate. A Selenite charging plate is exactly what it sounds like. A large, flat piece of Selenite that's specifically designed for charging other crystals. Simply place your crystal on the plate, and let it charge overnight.

In the morning, your crystal will be charged or cleansed and ready to use! There are a few other ways to charge and cleanse your crystals, but this is one of the easiest and safest, since there's no water or sun exposure.

Should You Use a Selenite Wand?

A crystal wand is a great way to really focus the energy of the crystal. And Selenite wands are no exception!

If you're looking for a way to harness the power of Selenite, using a wand is a great option. You can use it in meditation, or by pointing the wand to a specific energy point that you want to focus on.

To use a Selenite wand, simply hold it in your hand, and focus on your intention. Whether you're looking to cleanse your aura or charge another crystal, simply hold the Selenite wand and visualize the energy flowing through it and into your desired outcome.

How to Use Selenite Tower?

Similarly to wands, Selenite towers are a great way to focus the energy of the crystal, but in more of a stand-still fashion. While wands are more accessible and easier to carry around, a Selenite tower works best when it's placed in one specific spot.

This could be on your nightstand, in your office, or even in your meditation space. Wherever you place it, the Selenite tower will help to cleanse the energy and bring a sense of peace and calm to the space.

When using a Selenite tower, simply sit or stand near it, and focus on your intention. Visualize the Selenite cleansing the area around you, and filling it with positive, peaceful energy.

Lastly, Get Creative With It!

Selenite is a versatile crystal and there are endless ways to use this lovely stone. Find ways that work for you, and have fun with it!

Selenite Zodiac & Birthstone

The zodiac signs that correspond with Selenite are Cancer and Taurus. Selenite is also known as the birthstone for June.

Cancer is a water sign and as such, those born under this sign are ruled by the Moon. Cancerians show some of the deepest emotions and have a strong sense of family. They are good listeners and their intuition is especially reliable. They tend to be rather shy and not great at letting go of things, but they work tremendously hard to care for those they love.

Selenite can help by providing strength and healing to Cancer's emotions. It will help create a positive force that they can depend on and provide some much-needed guidance when the going gets tough.

People born under the Tauraus sign are ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is an earth sign and as such, those born under this sign are incredibly down-to-earth, reliable, and practical. They enjoy working with their hands and they have a great eye for detail. They can be quite stubborn, but they're also very patient and they stick to their convictions.

Selenite can help by providing clarity and peace of mind to Taurus. It will help them to see things more clearly and make better decisions. Selenite can also help to ease some of the stress that Taurus feels, and provide a sense of calm in their life.

How to Cleanse & Charge Your Selenite Stone

Although Selenite is a very strong crystal, it's still important to find time to cleanse your selenite stone. Especially if you plan on using Selenite to charge or cleanse other crystals.

Sometimes a therapist needs a therapist too, and your Selenite stone is no different!

Here are a few great cleansing & charging methods you can use to keep your Selenite stone in tip-top shape:

This cleansing method can be done using smoke or a smudge stock to cleanse your Selenite crystal, wand, or tower.

  • Place the selenite stone in an abalone shell or ceramic bowl
  • Hold a white lit candle over the selenite stone until the smoke begins to rise
  • Visualize all negative energy being removed from the selenite stone
  • After the ritual, place your selenite stone outside or in a window to allow the negative energy to dissipate

Although we often recommend water cleansing for a lot of stones, Selenite is a very soft stone and water can easily damage it. If you choose to water cleanse your Selenite, make sure to use distilled water and be very careful not to let the Selenite stone sit in the water for too long.

To charge your Selenite, you'll place it in direct sunlight for a few hours until it has absorbed enough energy.

Alternatively, and recommended, you can also use moonlight to charge your Selenite, by placing it outside during a full moon and keeping it there overnight.

Since Selenite is associated with all things lunar, you may want to consider doing all of these rituals during a full moon.

To learn more about different cleansing methods, check out our blog post on the many different ways to cleanse your crystals.

What Other Crystals Pair Well with Selenite?

Really, the question should be "What crystals DON'T pair well with Selenite?" Selenite is such a versatile and powerful crystal that it can be used with almost any other crystal.

A few of our favorite Selenite pairings are:

As I said, Selenite can pretty much be paired with any other crystal and it will create a beautiful and powerful combination. And when it comes to style, A Selenite's clear color makes it the perfect accessory to mix and match for any outfit.

Final Thoughts on Selenite

Selenite is not only an incredibly beautiful crystal, but it's also one of the most powerful crystals out there. It has so many amazing properties that make this crystal a must-have.

Whether you're looking to cleanse your space, charge your other crystals, or access your intuition, Selenite is the perfect crystal for you.

Do you have a favorite way to use Selenite? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Selenite

How to Tell if Selenite Is Real?

The best way to tell if Selenite is real is to look for a few key characteristics. First, Selenite is transparent or translucent. If the stone you're looking at is opaque, it's not Selenite.

Second, Selenite has a vitreous or pearly luster. This means that it has a shiny or lustrous surface. If the surface of the stone is dull, it's not Selenite.

Third, Selenite is soft. At a Mohs hardness rating of 2, you should be able to scratch the surface of the stone with your fingernail. If you can't, it's not Selenite.

How Long Do You Charge Crystals on A Selenite?

Typically, you'll want to charge your crystals on a Selenite plate for at least a few hours, but we do recommend charging them overnight. If you're looking for a quick charge, you can place your crystals on Selenite in direct sunlight for about 15-30 minutes.

Can You Leave Selenite Out in The Rain?

No, you should not leave Selenite out in the rain. Selenite is a soft stone that can, unfortunately, dissolve in water.

How Much Does Selenite Cost?

The cost of Selenite can vary depending on the quality and size of the stone, however, Selenite is a pretty affordable stone. You can typically expect to pay between $5-$10 per ounce.

What to Do if Selenite Breaks?

When your Selenite breaks, it can mean a few different things. First, it could be a sign that the crystal is overworked and needs a break. If this is the case, you'll want to put the Selenite away for a little while and allow it to rest.

Second, it could be a sign that there is too much negative energy in your space and you need to refresh your area with some cleansing.

And lastly, it could be a sign that something in your life needs to change. If this is the case, listen to your intuition and make the necessary changes.

What Is Desert Rose Selenite?

Desert Rose Selenite is a type of Gypsum that forms in the shape of rose buds. Although it may look quite different, this Selenite is incredibly beautiful and has all of the same properties as traditional Selenite.

It's formed when water evaporates and leaves behind Selenite crystals. Over time, the wind blows sand onto the Selenite which then hardens and forms a Rose shape.