Tumbled hematite stone.

Hematite: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Hematite is a stone for everyone who feels scattered, lost, or even duped. The chaos in your life cannot be allowed to control your every thought, every moment on this planet. Hematite helps ground you, and it provides you with a calming energy that reaches deep into your chakras, finding the core of who you are.

As you learn about Hematite, remember that its heavy weight and nature allow you to plant roots in the world around you, finding a new place to live, learn, and be. You need not throw your life to wind time and again when Hematite is at your side.

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Collection of tumbled hematite stones on a table.

What is Hematite?

First accumulating on the seafloor around two billion years ago, Hematite began to form anywhere that free oxygen came into contact with iron deposits, making it one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust. The stone itself is nothing more than iron oxide with the chemical formula Fe2O3. Because it is so common, it can exist among all types of rocks in any location. 

You may find Hematite among the porous igneous rocks around a volcanic cone, or you might notice deposits of Hematite in sedimentary fields. Plus, metamorphic rocks can grow around deposits of Hematite. While these stones change — Hematite does not. Depending on the location and environment, Hematite can feature streaks of both iron oxide and shale. 

While Hematite is found with magnetite in many cases, it lingers among stones the world over. It was even discovered on Mars, giving the “Red Planet” its signature hue. Perhaps your Hematite comes from another world — a hope from a distant place you couldn’t find through anything other than happenstance.

Hematite takes its name from the Greek word ‘haima’, which quite literally means blood. The Greeks rightly associated the stone with the god of war — Aries. It’s been a constant companion of warriors throughout the ages, and its red pigment was used for cave paintings in the earliest days of human history. It’s also found in the earliest examples of medicinal drinks, designed to cool the blood.

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Why Should You Buy Hematite?

Hematite is the stone of grounding, of placement, of steadiness in the world. Too many people today feel as though they’re flung to the wind every year or two, going from one place to another, one job to another with nothing holding them down. They want that stability, and Hematite is a representation of long-desired stability. 

Hematite links to your root chakra. This means the stone connects to your security, survival instincts, and stability. Not only can Hematite help you feel stable and grounded, but it helps you release the energy that makes you feel chaotic and lost in the world. 

Perhaps there are things you’ve held on to— something that’s bad for you? Hematite helps you let go. It can travel with you in your pocket, on a necklace, or on a bracelet. The stone is so heavy that the grounding effect is ever-present.

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How to Use Hematite

Hematite is easy to use when you wear it on your wrist, over your heart, and near your throat. While it does not connect with those chakras, you cannot feel grounded if your heart is askew or your voice is lost. Hematite is a lovely stone to keep in your home because it grounds and solidifies your living space. Upheaval where you live is often the most damaging experience for anyone, and Hematite radiates its presence in your living room, kitchen, office, or bedroom. 

While you can keep the stone on your person throughout the day, you should leave a Hematite stone in every location you regularly visit. Keep one at work, in your gym bag, in your travel bags, in your car, or in your significant other’s car. Hematite holds you close, and it knows when you are present — giving you the grounded feeling you deserve.

Hematite is also a wonderful stone for meditation. When you want to meditate on the world around you, hold Hematite close. Keep the stone in your hand so you can feel its vibrations. As you meditate, the stone will lead you to release negative energies, perhaps release unfaithful friends, or even make decisions that foster stability. 

Person holding a tumbled hematite stone.

The Benefits of Hematite

While Hematite should be with you night and day, its benefits run much deeper than grounding your spirit. Think of all the places where Hematite should be — all the places where you hope to feel stable. Bring Hematite into each space so that it can guide you properly.

If you feel unstable in your relationship, place Hematite on your nightstand or even under your bed. While it does not connect to the sacral chakra, it can improve intimacy by allowing you to feel safe and stable with your romantic partner. 

Keeping Hematite in your desk at work allows you to feel stable in your job. Bring it to the boardroom or conference room where you can both voice your opinions and feel stable enough to stand behind those opinions. 

If you take Hematite to the gym, it helps you feel strong enough to conquer the workouts or tasks you must complete. As Hematite grounds you, you realize you cannot escape any task — you can do hard things. 

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Hematite can travel with you when you need to have difficult conversations with friends and family. Plus, it helps you feel grounded as you travel — reminding you that you have a home to go back to — you don’t need a new one.

Finally, Hematite is a stone of protection. Do you feel like the cosmos is bombarding you with negative energy and overwhelming situations? Hematite will protect you from all the anxiety, stress, and intrusive thoughts that come along with those circumstances.

Where Can You Find Hematite?

Hematite is found in unique locations around the globe, often caught up in other minerals or deposits. For example, Gray Hematite is found near standing water in locations like the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Hematite is also often found in the “waste tailings” around iron mines. Miners can remove Hematite from the tailings using a magnet in places like the Mesabi Range in Minnesota. “Falu Red” — pulled from the Falu mine — Hematite was used to paint ancient red houses in Sweden.

Armenian bole — a decorative style of clay tile — is often made using Hematite. At times, you may find engraved or etched gemstones — known as intaglio — made from Hematite.

A Few Final Thoughts

Grounding yourself, feeling stable, and living your life to the fullest should be everyone’s goal. With Hematite, this task is much simpler, giving you the courage you need to live authentically.