10 Best Crystals For Beginners

10 Best Crystals For Beginners

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote healing, protection, used as an aid in meditation, and much more. They have also been used in jewelry and accessories for just as long. However, crystals are not just something that belongs to the past. These natural beauties have slowly made their way into mainstream culture and onto the doorstep of the fashion & jewelry industry as well.

Besides its unique look, each crystal has its own set of energies and properties. You can also choose crystals based on their color, shape, size, healing properties, or simply, whichever crystal you're drawn to most! There's a popular saying in the crystal world: You don't choose your crystals; your crystal chooses you.

For those looking to get started in the magical world of crystals, we've put together ten of the most popular crystals that are great for beginners and will help answer some questions you might have when starting out with crystals.


amethyst stone for beginners

The Amethyst Crystal is one of the most popular gemstones of all time. The stone is mainly purple in color and can be found throughout history, cultures, and religions worldwide. It is believed to have strong healing powers that are said to promote peace, serenity, and calmness, as well as self-knowledge. Amethyst has been known to inspire creativity while aiding focus on your goals.

Amethyst Crystals are often set into jewelry or put onto altars for spiritual use. They are sometimes used during meditation and, according to some, even placed under the pillow at night to help ward off bad dreams. Amethysts have been known to be good luck charms in many different cultures around the world, including in Ancient Greece, where they were considered a symbol of power.

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Amethyst Crystals can be found all over the world and in various cultures throughout history. They are mined in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Some countries only produce one color of Amethyst Crystal, but others offer a variety of colors. The most commonly produced color is purple, but Amethyst Crystals can also be found in yellow or orange hues as well as in clear and smoky colors.

Amethyst has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. The stone was popular with nobles and royalty in Ancient Rome and Greece, where it was also thought to have healing powers. Ancient Egyptians have also been known to use the stone to decorate their sarcophagi as well as make amulets. Amethyst Crystals are often used in rosaries and religious jewelry in more recent times because of their strong links to spirituality.

Learn more about meaning and benefits of Amethyst.

Amethyst Properties Include:

- Stone of soothing

- Promotes intuition

- Promotes positive thinking

- Aids in spiritual awareness

- Inspires creativity and focus on goals

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Clear Quartz

clear quartz for beginners

Clear Quartz Crystals are probably the most popular type of crystal used in modern times. They're mainly clear and are known for their power to amplify, store and transfer energy. These crystals can be found all over the world in various sizes and shapes.

A Clear Quartz Crystal is often referred to as 'The Stone of Power' because of its ability to amplify energy. Clear Quartz Crystals can also help people focus on their goals and have been known to aid creativity, imagination, and even one's self-esteem.

Clear Quartz Crystals can be found in many different countries around the world. Brazil, Uruguay, China, and Russia are just a few of the places where they're mined. They come in various colors when you take into account all of the subtle shades they can have, from white, pink, yellow to green and even red or black.

Its history dates back to ancient cultures such as the Sumerians, who used them in healing and spiritual practices. The Native Americans of South America have also been known to use Quartz Crystals for various healing and spiritual purposes. The stone has even been found buried alongside the Egyptian pyramids in the Valley of Kings!

Clear Quartz Properties Include:

- Stone of harmony

- Power crystal

- Amplifies energy

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- Promotes creativity and focus on goals

Rose Quartz

rose quartz for beginners

Rose Quartz Crystals are known for their soft pink color and gentle healing properties. They're also a popular choice when it comes to love and relationships and has long been used as a wedding gift in many different cultures.

Rose Quartz Crystals are said to encourage love and compassion while helping people connect with others on a deeper level. They're also associated with peace, calming, harmony and balance. Because of this, they're often used for guided meditation practices. These crystals can also help people to discover and embrace their own self-worth. Rose Quartz is known for inspiring compassion, peace, and love.

Rose Quartz Crystals are most common in Brazil, India, and Madagascar, but they've been found all over the world, including places such as the USA, Canada, England, and Australia.

Legend has it that the Rose Quartz crystal was given to earth by angels who had a difficult time understanding the message of God and therefore became filled with hatred. The love and compassion that Rose Quartz crystals were said to promote helped them to heal and transform their thoughts.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz Properties Include:

- Stone of love

- Soft pink hue

- Gentle healing

- Considered the heart stone


hematite for beginners

Hematite Crystals are iron-rich, silvery metallic crystals that come in various shapes and sizes. They have a shiny appearance, with some pieces having tiny parallel grooves running through them.

Hematite Crystals are also a popular choice of crystal to wear as jewelry. They have an earthy energy that helps people to feel more grounded while at the same time being a fantastic stone for self-reflection and emotional balance.

These crystals are associated with grounding energy as well as strengthening mental focus and concentration while promoting patience. Hematite is also said to help people remain calm, centered, and balanced in times of stress. It's known for attracting strength and confidence as well as helping to build up one's emotional stability.

Hematite Crystals can be found all over the world. They are mined from countries such as France, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. Traces of Hematite were also found on the moon and even mars!

Hematite Crystals have been around for centuries. This is because these crystals were mined by ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians and Egyptians for their healing properties. The Chinese were also known to use Hematite in various rituals that promoted longevity and well-being.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Hematite.

Hematite Properties Include:

- Stone of grounding

- Promotes strength and confidence

- Boosts mental focus and concentration

- Calming energy

Tiger's Eye

tigers eye for beginners

Tiger's Eye Crystals are a popular choice of crystal because they have a shiny appearance and fascinating markings. They come in several different colors, including black, brown, and yellow, with stripes of gold running through them.

These crystals are known for protection, strength, and grounding as well as helping to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Tiger Eye is also said to inspire creativity and encourage people to pursue their dreams.

Tiger Eye Crystals can be found all over the world, but Australia is home to the majority of them. Other places where they've been discovered include Brazil, Canada, China, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Tiger Eye Crystals have been around for centuries and are said to be one of the oldest known stones on earth. The Ancient Egyptians are said to be the first ones to recognize these crystals for their healing power. These particular crystals were supposedly discovered when the Egyptians were mining gems in an area now known as Nubia, which is in present-day Sudan.

In addition, it's believed that Tiger Eye Crystals were used by ancient people such as Native Americans and Chinese, who would often carve them into amulets for protection and strength.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye Properties Include:

- Stone of confidence

- Protection And Strength

- Enhances Intuition

- Promotes Confidence And Self Belief


moonstone for beginners

Moonstone Crystals are beautiful gemstones that come in different colors, including white, blue-gray, and pale green. They have a milky appearance, with some pieces having subtle grey veining running through them, while others might even have rainbow ripples.

Despite their delicate appearance, these crystals are popular with many different cultures because they're associated with soothing energies and feminine energy, which makes them a popular choice for bridesmaids' gifts. They're also often given as birthday presents to celebrate special times in people's lives.

Moonstone Crystals are quite gentle in their healing properties while at the same time helping to enhance feminine energies and intuition as well as promoting emotional balance.

They can be found around the world, including countries such as Australia, South Africa, and Brazil. Despite this, some of the best Moonstones in the world are found in America.

It's believed that Moonstone was first mined thousands of years ago. The Romans discovered them and started wearing them as talismans to protect themselves from the evil eye. It is also believed that they were worn by the Pharaohs on their journeys into the afterlife. In some cultures, it's said that Moonstone can help with mental stress and make you more confident in your abilities.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Moonstone.

Moonstone Properties Include:

- Stone of balance

- Calming energy

- Enhances intuition and psychic abilities

- Promotes emotional balance


selenite for beginners

Selenite Crystals are a popular choice of crystal for people who want to achieve their full potential in life. These crystals have a unique, white appearance that has little in the way of veining or markings apart from sometimes having a band running through them.

These crystals are associated with cleansing and protecting energies as well as helping to enhance mental clarity, mental strength and the ability to live in the NOW moment. Selenite is also often taken as a form of shelter when people are going through difficult times or they're feeling emotionally unstable.

These crystals come from places such as Brazil, Mexico, and India.

Its name comes from the Greek Goddess "Selene," the goddess of the moon, for its white, opaque appearance that resembles moonlight.

Selenite has a rich mythological history with many interpretations of its meaning in metaphysics, including divination and warding off evil. It is believed to clear spiritual bodies and purify the aura while bringing peace and tranquility. Some people believe it can be used to make contact with their spirit guide or guardian angel, while others tie it to helping with healing and grounding energies as well as past-life regression.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Selenite.

Selenite Properties Include:

-Stone of inspiration 

- Protective energy

- Enhances mental clarity and strength

- Brings emotional stability


fluorite for beginners

Fluorite Crystals have their own unique qualities that make them stand out from other crystals. Their main feature is a range of vibrant colors, which in physical form comes down to being banded layers or cubes of different minerals. Most Fluorite contains Calcium or Iron, and this can come with bright purple, blue, green, and yellow colors.

Fluorite is known to help people become more focused and have the ability to see through illusions. People also use them for protection and meditation purposes, as well as using them during times of spiritual development.

Fluorite Crystals come from places such as America, Brazil, England, Australia, and China.

Fluorite crystals have been used by cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. The word Fluorite comes from the Greek word "fluoros," which means "to flow."

In some eastern cultures, these stones are associated with good luck and fortune. In many cultures, they're seen as a symbol of purity and clarity.

The history of Fluorite can be traced back to prehistoric times where it was mined in Egypt, Lebanon, and Spain. These days, most Fluorite is mined in parts of America.

Learn more about the benefits and meaning of Fluorite.

Fluorite Properties Include:

- Stone of stability

- Enhancement of spiritual development

- Helps with meditation and intuition

- Promotes clarity during times of change

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for beginners

Black Tourmaline Crystals are known for their protective energies that make them popular when it comes to warding off ill-intentions. People also use them for grounding as well as protection from negative energy and psychic attack. Although this crystal's main color is black, some pieces might be brown or grey instead, while others have a green tint or a combination of all three.

These crystals are quite popular with people who want to help enhance their mental or spiritual clarity. They're also a good choice for those who have issues such as being too quick to judge other people and feeling insecure about themselves.

Black Tourmaline Crystals come from places like Brazil, Russia, and Africa.

The use of Black Tourmaline Crystals dates back to ancient times when these crystals were used by different cultures and communities for a range of different purposes. These included being used as a protective talisman against evil forces and carrying out ritualistic ceremonies. These crystals were also associated with a number of other mystical properties, such as enhancing mental clarity, enhancing intuition, and providing grounding energies.

Learn more about the benefits and meaning of Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline Properties Include:

- Stone of protection

- Protection from negative energy

- Grounding properties

- Combats psychic attack and negativity


garnet for beginners

Garnet Crystals are popular when it comes to helping people bring more love into their lives. Garnet Crystals come in many different colors, with red being the most common. These crystals also have protective energies that make them an excellent choice for people going through significant life changes or those who want to help improve their coping strategies.

These crystals can be used during positive affirmations in order to tap into the emotional stabilizing benefits they have to offer. They're also often used during meditation and can help people who are feeling lonely or isolated and, at the same time, bring a sense of nurturing calmness.

These crystals can be found in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and America.

The earliest records of Garnet being utilized date back to 5000 BC, where they were often used in jewelry or in ornamental stone pieces. This mineral has been used for many purposes, including as a type of decoration for churches throughout Europe as early as the 14th century AD.

Learn more about the meaning and benefits of Garnet.

Garnet Benefits Include:

- Stone of vitality

- Stimulates a sense of self-worth and confidence

- Increases self-awareness and enhances positive emotions

- Brings inner warmth and personal strength

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