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Moonstone: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Hope. Sensitivity. Abundance in every part of your life — these are the basic tenets of the moonstone. This gemstone shimmers with an iridescence and feminine energy that you cannot ignore. In some people, it inspires psychic abilities.

Adding moonstone to your daily routine or practice is an excellent way to change your quality of life and invite positive energy into your world. What is it? How can it help you? Read more to learn how the moonstone can change your outlook on life.

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What is Moonstone?

If you look closely, moonstone reminds you of the clouds that pass before the moon every night. While each culture has its own uses for the moonstone, you will find it has a spiritual and calming vibration. It's energy is considered to be most powerful at night, but it can travel with you every day from work to play and everything in between.

The moonstone does not come from the moon, however. It is a feldspar found in pinks, greens, grays, yellows, blues, and browns. While you may find a transparent moonstone, many of them carry opaque coloring that makes them feel mysterious. The phenomenon known as adularescence turns the moonstone from a typical gemstone into a hypnotic beacon of energy.

Why Should You Buy Moonstone Gems and Jewelry?

Moonstone is a gem that focuses on balance and intuition. The stone brings you closer to your feminine side, helping you understand your most basic needs. You know what you want, but the moonstone can teach you about what you need. 

Moonstones have been used to protect travelers in the night, and it is popular among seafaring peoples. Pregnant women can carry a moonstone for protection, or might keep a moonstone in the room during childbirth. 

The moonstone also connects to your third eye and heart chakras. You can find love with these stones, and you can release love that might have hidden in your heart. Carry the stone for luck, connect with lunar deities, or allow it to sparkle on your wrist or neck.

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How to Use Moonstones

The moonstone can linger on your wrist or neck (as mentioned above,) but you might also use this stone to improve your home, office, or places you visit. You can use cloudy moonstones — which mimic a mother’s milk — while caring for your child, delivering your child, or resting during the late stages of pregnancy.

Keeping the moonstone in your bedroom improves intimacy with your partner, or you might place the moonstone under your bed, mattress, or somewhere else in the room. 

Leaving a moonstone in your office helps unlock your creativity. Plus, you can charge your moonstone under the moonlight. Allow it to sit on the windowsill and soak in the moonlight. You may also speak your intentions into the stone every day.

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The Benefits of Using the Moonstone

The moonstone focuses on good fortune, happiness, mothering, love, and safe travels. Send a moonstone with a loved one as they travel. Give a moonstone to someone who has had trouble conceiving. Think of the moonstone as a gift of abundance for your loved ones. 

This is also a stone that speaks to you about new beginnings. When you enter a new home or new office, bring a moonstone to stabilize the space. 

Give the moonstone to your husband or boyfriend. The stone unlocks emotions in men that might be otherwise untapped. Plus, it is a wonderful stone for intuition. When you cannot discern the nature of a situation, interaction, or concern, hold the moonstone close to learn more about what is happening around you. 

Were you born in June? The moonstone is your friend. Cancers, Libras, and Scorpios also feel relaxed in the moonstone’s presence. Is your favorite number 4? The moonstone’s vibrations will align with you almost immediately.

Tumbled moonstone in woman hand.

Where Can You Find Moonstones?

Most often found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India, the stone’s scientific name comes from a location in Switzerland. A mine near Mt. Adular in St. Gotthard gave rise to the adularia name. Florida’s state gem is the moonstone (because of the Kennedy Space Center,) but there are no deposits in Florida. If you want to search the United States for moonstones, you should visit New Mexico. 

A Few Final Thoughts About the Moonstone

The moonstone is one of the most powerful gemstones you will encounter, and it will easily fit into your daily practice. It serves as a wonderful gift for loved ones, or you can mix the stone with other crystals to increase its power and benefits. Plus, it can live in your home to provide the balance and harmony you desire.