Collection of Rose Quartz gemstones in a bowl.

Rose Quartz: Healing Properties, History and Benefits

Rose quartz is a crystalline structure composed of silicon and oxygen with the formula SiO2. With quartz being the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, you can see why it carries such powerful energy. Your rose quartz gems get their color from traces of titanium, manganese, and iron, and the structure itself includes tiny fibers that allow it to exude more energy than other stones.

The first rose quartz samples were found in both Maine and Brazil—it can also be found in South Africa, India, and Madagascar. You can quite literally (and rightly) go to the ends of the Earth to achieve harmony and healing.

Not only that, but the ancient Egyptians believed the appearance of aging and wrinkles was warded off by rose quartz. Just across the Mediterranean, the ancient Greeks thought that the idea of love was gifted to humanity in a rose quartz stone.

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Scattered Rose Quartz crystals near some flowers.

Why Does Rose Quartz Aid in Healing?

Rose quartz, as with all other gemstones and crystals, interacts with your body to promote healing. These stones vibrate with the same rhythm as your body, achieving a stasis that is impossible to find in other natural substances. Rose quartz aligns with your chakras, helping you connect to a sense of love, friendship, and kindness from which you may feel disconnected.

What are the Benefits of Using Rose Quartz?

Using rose quartz connects you with the feelings of unconditional love (be it platonic or romantic,) and the unique feeling of a mother’s love. Wearing a mala around your neck—allowing it to rest on your heart—relieves anxiety or depression. You will feel a reassurance you might not have heard from another person in a very long time. 

As you linger with the rose quartz pulsating on your wrist or over your heart, you are promoting the self-love you need to be the best version of yourself. Practitioners also feel it aids your soul while grieving.

Person holding Rose Quartz crystals.

How Can You Use Rose Quartz in Your Daily Routine?

Bringing a deep belief in rose quartz to your daily routine helps you live differently. As it is connected to the number seven, the planet Venus, and the Taurus or Libra, you might have already found your favorite stone. When you receive your crystals, speak into them your intentions—the things you need in the world. In short, you must tell your crystals what they should do for you.

Wear them as much as possible. Yes, wear them over your heart or where they can feel your pulse, but simply touching them allows them to imbue you with their energy. Keep them in your bag if you cannot wear them, and meditate with them when you have the chance. (Even if you’re sitting in the waiting room at the doctor or just before an interview, allow rose quartz to speak to you in those moments.)

You can lay the crystals on your body before you get out of bed in the morning, bring them into your bath, or leave them around your home so that they are always present. Above all else, allow them to be part of your ritual—whatever it is that you do to heal your heart and soul, use your crystals every day. Wear them during your yoga practice or class. Wear them while you nap, or hold onto them during breaks at work.

Consider a Lifestyle Change Featuring Rose Quartz

Using crystals represents a lifestyle change that adds layers of healing, protection, and goodwill to your life. When you touch rose quartz for the first time, you will feel a difference in the energy around you and in your body. As you tell your crystals what you need, allow them to speak to you so that you can feel their energies.