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The 4 Best Crystals For Self-Love

Choosing crystals to aid in your daily practice, your livelihood, or your peace should begin with stones that promote self-love. The four crystals listed here can usher self-love into your life, help you feel confident in your own skin, and protect you from the hurts that could chip away at your self-esteem.

Self-love is more than an abstract concept that simply falls from the heavens one day. You can love yourself as part of your daily routine, and bringing these crystals into that routine helps you redirect love towards yourself — even if you didn’t plan on it. 

rhodochrosite for self-love


Rhodochrosite features streaks of pink and red that seem as though they are still oozing from the soil. Connecting to the heart chakra, rhodochrosite speaks to Leos and Scorpios specifically, ringing with the number four, and potentially shimmering with yellow and orange.

Self-love changes due to a wide range of things, and Rhodochrosite brings healing, comfort, and a sense of harmony that you need to love yourself. Plus, there is a touch of friendship and compassion that speaks to self-love. Therefore, you are less likely to attach your self-love to any one person. Instead, you can show yourself compassion, be a friend to your heart, and better understand the nature of your relationships.

They often say that it is easier to love others if you love yourself, and this cyclical idea is present in Rhodochrosite. Self-love comes from the positive attitude that the stone promotes; it also purifies your body, heals your skin, and makes you feel more alive. When you feel well, it’s easier to love yourself.

rose quartz for self-love

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz also connects with your heart chakra, but it speaks most to the Taurus and the Libra. Vibrating with the number seven and shimmering pink, Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful stones you will find in any piece of jewelry. 

When you bring this stone close to your heart, you’re struck with a feeling of unconditional love — unconditional love for yourself. Practitioners find this stone to carry a mother’s love, kindness, and care that you should redirect to yourself.

Wearing Rose Quartz close to your heart is a lovely idea, but it can also live in your home when you feel a cloud lingering over you. Using gemstones in your home brings extra protection, helping you live in a pillow of self-love.

Finally, Rose Quartz promotes both romantic and platonic love. This means that you can seek love that is right for you rather than chasing anything that will make you feel better. Moreover, Rose Quartz reminds you of the value of forgiveness — removing the poison of grudges and slights from your life. Yes, even forgiving yourself for the things that created your present situation. Learn more about Rose Quartz.

rhodonite for self-love


Rhodonite looks as though it fell from the heavens — mixing grays and pinks. Connecting once again to the heart chakra, Rhodonite is completely different from the other stones on this list. This gemstone enters your life to remind you of the self-confidence you should carry: pull your shoulders back, lift your chin, and smile. 

Rhodonite also helps you take a healthy inner journey, and you feel a sense of gratitude that reminds you of all the good things in your life. Self-love reigns when Rhodonite hangs around your neck, lives in your home, or travels with you. 

This gemstone is known by practitioners to heal wounds from issues you’ve had in the past. These problems include pain from emotional abuse, codependency, and self-destruction. In their place, you feel the growing self-love that you need to move forward from a life that wasn’t serving you. Learn more about Rhodonite.

amethyst for self-love


Amethyst rings with the purple that reminds you of the reds and the pinks from the other stones on the list. This gemstone is noble, spiritual, and peaceful. Amethyst reminds you to lift your chin and walk as royalty through your life, owning your decisions and choosing your path.

Amethyst speaks to your crown chakra and third eye. The crown chakra sits atop your head, bringing you to a higher level of consciousness. This alone helps you see yourself in a greater light, loving yourself where you are, and avoiding all the anxieties that bring you down.

Your third eye transmits your inner thoughts — the place where self-love was broken and where it will grow once again. Learn more about Amethyst.