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'Divine Spark' Mini Gemstone Stack

'Divine Spark' Mini Gemstone Stack

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Introducing the 'Divine Spark' Mini Gemstone Stack. This stack features an exquisite collection of hand-picked gemstones, each with unique properties to promote healing and balance. Experience the powerful energy of amethyst, citrine, and angel aura quartz in one beautiful stack. Ideal for those seeking inner peace and harmony.

About the Stones

Amethyst Amethyst is a stone of calm, believed to open the mind to new ideas and promote mental clarity. Throughout history, royal families have worn Amethyst to symbolize higher aspirations and spiritual insight.

Citrine Citrine is a stone of abundance, believed to attract prosperity and inspire a sense of joy. In ancient times, Citrine was treasured as a talisman for merchants, thought to bring fortune and success in business.

Angel Aura Quartz Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of upliftment, believed to elevate the spirit and provide mental clarity. Angel Aura Quartz, known for its iridescent sheen, is often used in modern energy practices to enhance meditation and spiritual growth.

Sizing Info

  • 4-millimeter beads
  • Small: Approximately 6.75" length / 5.75" circumference.
  • Medium: Approximately 7.5" length / 6.5" circumference.
  • Large: Approximately 8.5" length / 7.5" circumference.
  • More Details

  • Stretch cord
  • Includes description card
  • Includes storage pouch
  • Every gemstone is unique and may vary slightly in size and color.
  • Shipping & Returns

  • Ships within 24 hours
  • Typically arrives in 3-5 days.
  • Easy returns, full refund within 60 days.
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