young woman wearing a stack of calming howlite and lava stone bracelets

Calming Bracelets: 5 Bracelets for Calm & Stress-Relief

We all know what stress is. We feel it every day, whether it's at home or work. Most of us try to reduce stress by watching TV, listening to music, or even exercising, but sometimes you just need something else. That's where calming bracelets come in.

A calming bracelet is usually made out of crystals and stones that are put together with loving intention. The beads represent the wearer's intentions to bring calm into their lives. Some crystals are more attuned to aiding with calming energies, while others can promote abundance, intuition, guidance and more.

The best part of calming gemstone jewelry is it's versatile. You can wear them anywhere: at work or school; and even around the house doing chores! The bracelet's calming energy will stay right by your side like a trusty companion.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 bracelets to help you relax and evolve into the calming, mindful person that you're meant to be!

1. Howlite & Lava Stone 'Calm' Bracelet

This protective bracelet is made with Howlite and Lava stones. Howlite is believed to bring inner peace and relaxation, and Lava stones are grounding crystals that help you let go of negative energy, which makes this pair the perfect combination for those looking to relieve a bit of stress.

howlite & lava stone 'calm' bracelet

View our Howlite & Lava Stone 'Calming' bracelet.

2. White Jade & Blue Agate 'Calm' Bracelet

This calming bracelet is made with soothing white jade and calming blue agate. White jade is a stone of peace, thought to promote a sense of wholeness, compassion, and calm. Blue agate is a stone of grounding, believed to keep you centered while calming and balancing your energy. This pairing is a beauty and one of our customers' favorites.

white jade & blue agate 'calm' bracelet

View our White Jade & Blue Agate 'Calm' bracelet.

3. Hematite 'Calming' Bracelet

Looking for some good vibes? Hematite is a calming stone that is believed to protect you against negative energy and promote all the good energy that life has to offer. Hematite is a trendy crystal for a reason. Whether you're looking for calm, protection, or good energy to flow your way, this bracelet is the one you need!

Hematite 'Calming' Bracelet

View our Hematite 'Calming' Bracelet.

4. Gray Agate 'Grounding' Bracelet

Grounding energies are calming energies; they help you stay in the present moment. This stunning bracelet is made with beautiful gray agate beads and comes with a tree of life charm, which represents staying connected to the earth and staying grounded; perfect for calming!

Gray Agate 'Grounding' Bracelet

View our Gray Agate 'Grounding' bracelet.

5. Carnelian 'Positivity' Bracelet

How about some sunshine and positivity? Carnelian is a stone of positivity and energy that is believed to raise your energy levels and help you feel more optimistic. This gorgeous bracelet is made with carnelian stones to help you stay positive and calm around others and comes with a cute sunshine charm to remind you to smile!

carnelian positivity bracelet

View our Carnelian 'Positivity' bracelet.

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