Pisces zodiac illustration.

Pisces Birthstone: Meanings and Gemstones

As a Pisces, your birthstone is important to you. This is the stone that aligns with your entry into this world and the general characteristics that guide your personality, decision-making, and well-being. There is no one “true” birthstone for any Zodiac sign, and Pisces is no different. Today, we will review aquamarine — the most common of the Pisces birthstones — rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst, turquoise, and fluorite. 

Each stone brings with it special meaning and powers that you can use in your daily routine. Not only that, but these stones often combine to provide even more healing, relaxation, and strength.

Collection of raw aquamarine gemstones.


What is aquamarine? Aquamarine is a blue beryl, and the deep blue version you’re likely looking for is known as “maxixe,” which is traditionally found in Madagascar. The blue found in these stones come from particular iron ions known as Fe2+ or Fe3+. In the United States, you can find blue beryl at the summit of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range of Colorado, and it is also found in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

Aquamarine is a pure gemstone that will remind you of the crystal clear waters of locations such as the Aegean Sea or Adriatic. It was once thought to be a treasure of the mermaids, and it was used by sailors for good luck. 

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It is closely related to the throat chakra — it helps you find your voice. This is the best stone for teachers, managers, or those who work with people every day. The stone can help you find wisdom, and it will help you cut through tough circumstances to speak your truth and lead others to prosperity. 

It is also thought to bring about a sense of service and purpose. The stone reminds you of compassion, and it serves you well when you seek justice or endeavor to know the truth. 

Finally, love seeks this stone, and it can be left in locations where you hope loved ones or lost peoples will one day return. If you fear the water, travel with aquamarine, especially while flying over water or enjoying a cruise.

As a Pisces, keeping an aquamarine with you enhances your positive energy, improves relationships, and magnifies your ability to listen.

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Stacked rose quartz crystals in a fairy garden.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the love stone, but it is also a secondary birthstone for the Pisces. This stone helps you love yourself, especially when you are internalizing your feelings. You have an easier time dealing with your past hurts — which can be deeply affecting to a Pisces. 

If you need help with your sex life, allow rose quartz to stay on your person or even in your bedroom. It also helps with circulation, which is very important when your anxiety might overwhelm you. You can also keep the stone with you to assist with childbirth because delivery can be more traumatic for a Pisces who is flooded with emotions at that moment.

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Mixing with amethyst offers good results because you will feel a balance that you might not have felt in a long time. The Greeks believed that Aphrodite’s and Adonis’ blood mixed in a clear quartz crystal to create rose quartz. Found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, and across the United States, rose quartz also exhibits the most vibration of any gemstone. 

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Woman holding large amethyst cluster crystal.


Amethyst is a wonderful stone for the Pisces, and while it is generally considered a birthstone for the Aquarius, but you might be so close to being an Aquarius that you will find amethyst helpful. Found in large quantities in South America and South Africa, this is the world’s most popular purple gemstone.

The stone brings about feelings of love, peace, and happiness. You will feel more spiritual when you have this stone in your presence, and you could fill your home with amethysts if you want the space to feel more peaceful. 

For the Pisces, you might also want to experience more vivid dreams so that you can record them and interpret them — giving you access to your deepest feelings. Leaving an amethyst on your nightstand, in your bedroom, or sleeping with the amethyst on your person encourages expansive dreaming.

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Tumbled moonstone gems held by woman.


The moonstone, as any Pisces will appreciate, helps create a sense of harmony. Think of all the places where you struggle for harmony but do not know how to achieve balance — the moonstone will be your guide. 

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It is also associated with the Gemini and Cancer — allowing you to form an attachment with those signs that you cannot achieve with others. It is found near Lake Sevan in Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and parts of the U.S.

Because the Pisces is often on an “inner journey,” moonstone is the perfect stone for enhancing deep thought. It can help you tap into your innermost feelings, and it also offers perspective when you are learning more about yourself. 

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Collection of natural turquoise gemstones.


Turquoise protects the Pisces against negative energies, and it also helps to ward off energies that feed into anxiety and depression. When you touch the stone, however, you will feel a sense of calm. It was once believed that the stone was created in the heavens and dropped to the earth as a symbol of goodwill — hence, it is the color of the sky. 

Because the Pisces seek peace in everything they do, turquoise is a perfect gemstone. The Pisces often serve as the healer or peacemaker in their circles, and they need a turquoise that will protect them from the negative energies they encounter along the way. 

Found in Iran, the Sinai Peninsula, and the United States, it was valued by Pliny the Elder, the Aztecs, and the ancient Persians. In some cases, the color will change if you are in the presence of deceit or vile intentions.

Fluorite Crystals on nature background.


Finally, fluorite is a unique stone in that it can be found in several colors — green and purple being the most popular. Fluorite helps you to think with your heart — something which the Pisces does easily. However, there are situations when you feel it is impossible to think and act with your heart. Keep fluorite close so that you can accomplish that which you believe you are destined for.

Found in South Africa, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, and Newfoundland, a unique style is the Blue John found in the English Midlands. Its name comes from the phenomenon of fluorescence, and when you see a spark in the stone, you know it is speaking to you.

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