Tumbled brown tiger's eye stone.

Tiger’s Eye: Healing Properties, History, and Benefits

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most unique gemstones in the world, and is sought after by everyone from small children to elite practitioners. A variety of the Chalcedony, this stone serves as more than the gemstone for an 18th Anniversary celebration. 

The Tiger’s Eye touches both your sacral and your solar plexus chakras, aligns with the sun, fire, and earth. It vibrates with the number four, and its beautiful stripes make every new stone a work of art. Learning about the Tiger’s Eye and adding it to your daily practice can, quite literally, change your life.

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What is Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a member of the quartz family, featuring a silky luster that comes from the unique growth of parallel strands of quartz — thus, producing a tiger’s eye and stripes. While each stone is different, they generally feature a mixture of gold, brown, and slate grey coloring. Depending on the formation of the quartz strands, some stones are more grey or gold than others.

Other forms of Tiger’s Eye exist, chiefly red and blue. These stones are unique in that their powers change based on their color (more on these colors and their characteristics below.)

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Uniquely, there is a rock called “Tiger’s Iron” that is composed mainly of Brown Tiger’s Eye stones. In certain cultures, it is believed to repel the “evil eye,” which is a curse enacted by a stare. While theologians the world over believe the “evil eye” may be nothing more than a search for truth — blaming bad things in the world on a higher power — practitioners today still use Tiger’s Eye to ward off any malevolent forces they come across.

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Why Should You Buy Tiger’s Eye?

If nothing else, you should own Tiger’s Eye because it is a gorgeous stone. Most people have been enamored with these stones — one way or another — since they were children. The writer can remember several people from his school days keeping a Tiger’s Eye for good luck.

While the Tiger’s Eye looks beautiful when set in jewelry, it also works well as a companion in your daily practice. Large Tiger’s Eye crystals can stay in your home as living and working decorations. You might also purchase Tiger’s Eye for the one you love because it’s their favorite gemstone of all. 

Most of all, you want Tiger’s Eye in your life because it offers several benefits and practical uses that you must try for yourself. 

How to Use Tiger’s Eye

To use Tiger’s Eye, keep it close to you at all times. Fill your home with Tiger’s Eye crystals, keep one in your pocket, car, gym bag, handbag, briefcase, and more. Simply holding a Tiger’s Eye helps you connect with its powers. Wear a Tiger’s Eye on your chest to connect with your heart and the sacral chakra, improving intimacy in your life.

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The Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Stones

As you can see, Tiger’s Eye helps you manage a range of ailments from throat issues to fertility problems. Its benefits go even deeper, as the mere presence of a Tiger’s Eye in your life can provide you with clarity, good luck, and the ability to focus on the task at hand. Keep a Tiger’s Eye with you if you tend to get distracted or when a deadline is forthcoming. 

Tiger’s Eye is helpful in the cure of psychosomatic illness — any time you work yourself up with anxiety, Tiger’s Eye can bring you back down. In addition to quelling fear or anxiety, Tiger’s Eye can help you balance your emotions, compare your needs with the needs of others, and prevent mood swings. Moreover, it imparts a certain willpower that you will not find on your own. When you don’t have the courage to do hard things, let Tiger’s Eye help.

The Blue Tiger’s Eye (if you want to branch out) touches your throat chakra, giving you a voice, confidence, and healing throat ailments. Practitioners use these stones with anyone who has a hot temper, suffers from intense anxiety, or experiences severe phobias. Think of the Blue Tiger’s Eye as the “cold shower” of gemstones.

The Red Tiger’s Eye, on the other hand, can aid in rekindling the intimacy in your relationship and it can even help energize you when you are feeling sluggish.

Person holding a tiger's eye stone.

Where Can You Find Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is found around the world in deposits from Australia to Burma, India, Namibia, the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Korea, China, and Spain. Of particular note are unique deposits with special characteristics found only in those locations. 

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For example, Tiger Iron mainly comes from South Africa and Western Australia. Serpentine deposits with a tighter structure are found in Arizona and California. In fact, they are sold as “California” or “Arizona” Tiger’s Eye. Plus, the trade name “pietersite” was created for fractured deposits found in Namibia and China. 

A Few Final Thoughts on Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is a powerful and mystical stone, conjuring energy that leads you through your daily routine. Rather than stepping back from the possibilities in your life, move forward with confidence and without fear. Allow Tiger’s Eye to speak to you in everything you do.