woman in a meditative position for stress relief

The 5 Best Gemstones for Stress Relief

Stress relief and crystals go hand-in-hand, but you may wonder which crystals to use in certain stressful situations. Your stress may sit in your belly, or you might develop headaches. There are several ways that these issues can manifest, and using a wide range of crystals ensures you can recover quickly, feel more like yourself, and get back to your daily routine.

You may also use stress relief techniques and crystals when you get home from a long day at work. Perhaps you have an extremely stressful job, and you choose to fill your office with these crystals to head the stress off at the pass? Starting with Sodalite, we have a few options that will speak to your soul and provide you relief when nothing else seems to work.

sodalite for stress relief


Sodalite helps kick in your survival instincts. This is important during times of stress because — if you can deal with the stress, you can relax that much faster. Plus, this stone is good at helping you remain your authentic self. This is especially important when you feel stressed enough to change who you are or bend your boundaries, morals, or standards. With Sodalite, you learn quickly that you should not bend, allowing you to relax and enjoy your life, your way.

Sodalite is also a stone of creativity that can help you push through mental blocks. You can use Sodalite on your skin, or you might leave it in the room where you need support. Yes, you want your stress to go away, but Sodalite helps you deal with the root of the problem so that you can move forward. 

You may also turn to Sodalite as you plan to meditate. When you meditate to relieve stress, it does not work unless you get in touch with your inner self. Sodalite helps you do that. Plus, Sodalite touches your throat chakra, making it easier for you to speak up for yourself and relieve stress before a situation gets out of hand. 

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While Sodalite helps keep away throat ailments, you can avoid falling ill due purely to stress. Did your mother ever tell you, “you’re gonna make yourself sick”? She was right, and Sodalite will intervene on your behalf.

amethyst for stress relief


Amethyst is a valuable stone, garnering quite a lot of attention on the open market. However, the tradable value of Amethyst does nothing to relieve your stress. Turn to Amethyst when you need a sobering dose of reality that can help you both relieve stress and understand the world around you.

Amethyst quite literally means “not intoxicated”, and it was worn in ancient times to ward off guilt or anxiety. As a result, you could do the same thing with similar results. 

Keeping Amethyst close to you at all times is not only a safe way to protect against anxiety, but it is also a way to protect your environment from stress. Allow Amethyst to keep these energies out of your personal space, and remember that you can lie down with the stones on your skin for added protection. You can even hold Amethyst in your hand to make it easier to sleep. 

Place a massive geode in your office because you have a stressful job and need more protection. You can do the same in your home when you have a chaotic house, or you have issues with roommates or relatives.

If your stress comes from a fear of the unknown, allow Amethyst to give you the wisdom you need to understand your situation. This is especially important if you tend to have existential crises and do not know what is coming next. You might also use Amethyst to help recover from the pain of an accident, injury, or surgery, which will make you feel even more stressed than you already are.

lava stone for stress relief

Lava Stone

Lava Stone serves as a sort of green space for your soul. When you want to relieve stress, Lava Stone is always there to make your life easier. Moreover, it is very easy for you to manage your stress if you are taking a moment to meditate with Lava Stone and accept all the wisdom and calm that it has to offer.

Because Lava Stone is often so dark, those dark faces tend to absorb energy, relieving you of stress that is simply lingering in the room. You can use Lava Stone to diffuse essential oils for stress relief, and you can leave Lava Stones around your home or office. This alone offers immense results. 

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One of the most important parts of Lava Stone is that it allows you to improve fertility and calm anger — which causes stress — enhancing your outlook on life. If you’re more positive, you can easily relax. Some people even use these stones as a way of rebirthing themselves after a bout of stress or anger. Think of it as rising from your own ashes.

Allow Lava Stone to teach you about why your stress is unnecessary or defeating so that you can move on and be a better version of yourself. 

hematite for stress relief


Hematite, as strange as it may sound, is what gives Mars its color, but it goes far beyond that to relieve the stresses you encounter every day. Because the stone quite literally takes its name from the word “haima” — lending us the term hemoglobin, you can get in touch with stress that coarses through your body. The pigment from these rocks has been used to record history, and it can help you recover from stresses that often derail that history. 

Hematite can help ground you — and that is all you need when you are trying to relax. If you’re stressed and feel as though you cannot calm down, grounding yourself is often the only way to solve the problem. When it touches your root chakra, you can feel your body stabilize enough that you can breathe.

Keep Hematite with you wherever you go. Place it under your bed, in your briefcase, and around your house. Wear it near your heart. Allow Hematite to get to know your body, your rhythms, and your stresses. The more you speak your intentions into this stone, the better it responds to you. 

Hematite can also reduce stress caused by relationships or friendships. You can use this stone at work when you feel your job is in danger or you simply do not enjoy the stress that your job produces. You should also carry Hematite with you when making job choices or planning for a big and scary change in your life. 

amazonite for stress relief


Amazonite is the optimistic stone. This alone makes it the best stone to use when you’re stressed and need a little pick-me-up. This stone is also a healer, which can repair wounds in your soul that cause stress. Think of this stone as the long-term problem solver. 

You had a bad day at work, and now you’re worried that you’ll never advance in your career? This is the time that Amazonite can help you because it speaks the truth — one bad day does not make for a bad life. 

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Amazonite is often called the “hope stone” because it can work with you to give you the hope you know you deserve in life. You can keep it close to your heart, and it can prepare you for the stress that you know is coming. Instead of cowering, waiting for the worst, place Amazonite near your heart so that you are stronger when calamity comes. 

You can lift the stone near your head and meditate as you both speak intentions into the stone and ask it to remove all the thoughts racing through your head. Change your perspective while using Amazonite, and bring it close to your heart so you can repair those wounds. 

Moreover, you can use Amazonite to accept and understand wisdom. You know that everything happens for a reason, that one door opens when another closes. You can also speak to yourself serenity — accepting what you cannot change and letting go of undue stress. 

In short, you can see the silver linings in the clouds, allowing you to get past anxiety and breathe as deeply as possible.

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